Are Selfies Hurting Your Self-Esteem? MI Self-Esteem Counseling

by | Oct 5, 2020 | All, Self Esteem

Are Selfies Hurting Your Self-Esteem? MI Self-Esteem CounselingSelfies are a mark of the modern world. Just about everyone with a smartphone has a gallery full of personal photos. Snapping a selfie may seem like a simple way to capture a memory, but it actually has a major impact on your self-esteem. Let’s take a closer look at the psychology behind selfies and how you may be affected by it.

Selfies Encourage Self-Criticism

When you take a selfie, you are forcing yourself to evaluate your appearance. Unlike the “old days” when you had to wait for a photo to be printed, you can instantly view a photo you take before sharing it with the world. You will instinctively examine the photo and find flaws in your appearance. It’s the same process as when you see someone staring at you from across the room. You become aware of your posture, your hair, your clothing, your makeup – anything that may look wrong to someone else. The only difference with a selfie is that you’re the one casting judgment.

Selfies Can Ignite The Wrong Attention

There is nothing wrong with sharing pictures on social media, but there is a psychological component to keep in mind. In our depression counseling and self-esteem counseling programs in Michigan, we talk about the dangers of social media addiction. Every time you get a like or comment on your photo, a small amount of dopamine is released in your mind. This is the chemical that makes you feel happy and pleased with yourself. It’s the same chemical that gets released while smoking cigarettes or taking certain drugs. That’s why it’s so addictive.

If you get in the habit of taking selfies and posting them, you will get addicted to the attention. This can lead to depression and low self-esteem over time, especially if you aren’t getting the reactions you want from your photos. Limiting your social media time can help you maintain your self-esteem and confidence.

Selfies May Pull You Away From Real Life

This is a widespread problem in the digital era. People are so focused on conversations and issues online that they forget to enjoy the real world around them. If you feel the need to take a selfie every time you have a new experience, you’re missing out on the big picture. You’re so worried about getting the perfect photo to capture the moment that you ignore the moment itself. This may not have an impact on you right away, but over time, you will start to realize that life has passed by much quicker than you imagined.

What’s The Solution?

We’re not asking you to stop taking selfies altogether. If you want to snap a photo in a big life event, go for it! However, if you are struggling with low self-esteem, depression, social media addiction, and other issues, you may need to take a break from the selfie world. Take a step behind the camera and capture memories without you front and center. As you start to feel better about yourself, you will be able to enjoy those special moments even more.

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