Common Types Of Bullying Your Child May Experience

by | Oct 6, 2020 | All, Children Counseling

Common Types Of Bullying Your Child May ExperienceA person’s reaction to abuse is often triggered by the nature of the abuse itself. Bullying is no different. There are several different types of bullying that your child may experience in school, and each of them could lead to unique warning signs and responses. By gaining a better understanding of the ways bullies pick on their victims, you will be better prepared to identify and treat bullying in your family.

Types Of Bullying

Here is a look at the most common types of bullying your child may experience.

  • Physical Bullying: The bully will hit, kick, or physically harm the victim. Physical abuse may also include hair pulling, wedgies, and other acts that may not result in cuts or bruises.
  • Mental Bullying: This includes teasing, taunting, and other forms of verbal abuse aimed at lowering the victim’s self-esteem. In many cases, this spawns from the bullies’ low self-esteem, which he tries to rebuild by putting down others and making them feel helpless, worthless, and without control.
  • Verbal Bullying: This is closely tied with mental bullying, but it also involves making a child feel scared or intimidated. Threats combined with aggressive body language will assert the bully’s control in the situation so the victim is more likely to do as he is told.
  • Sexual Bullying: Rape and sexual harassment are common among children, whether it is with their peers or with other adults in their lives. A 2013 study on child maltreatment from the Department of Health and Human Services showed that 9% of the children reported to child protected services have been sexually abused, and there may be many more instances that are not discovered until later on in life.
  • Cyber Bullying: Children are abused through email and social media, often by people they do not even know. While internet bullying is a fairly new development, it continues to be a growing problem as children become more entwined with modern technology.

In most situations, a child will go through multiple forms of bullying, and he may face more than one bully in his lifetime. Watching for warning signs of bullying will help you find the treatment your child needs to conquer these negative experiences and start enjoying life once again.

Bullying Treatment For Children

Many children are able to get through this difficult time in their lives through counseling and social interaction. You may work with a bullying counselor from Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers to help your child overcome his experiences. Adults may also experience bullying, or they may encounter long-term effects of bullying in their adulthood. If you or someone you know is still suffering from an abusive situation, our specialized therapists are here to help. Contact us at (248) 244-8644 for more information.

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