Warning Signs of Shopping Addiction

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Addicitions, All

Warning Signs of Shopping AddictionMen often joke about their wives being “shopaholics” with a constant need to spend money and find bargains. As funny as this may be from an outsider’s perspective, the fact is that shopping addiction is an actual condition that can lead to dangerous habits later on in life. Rather than ignoring the problem, you need to watch for the warning signs of shopping addiction so you can get treatment before it’s too late.

Signs Of Shopping Addiction

Some common behaviors associated with shopping addiction include:

  • Compulsive Shopping
  • Excessive Spending, Often In The Form Of Credit Card Debt
  • Ignoring The Bills In Favor Of A Shopping Spree
  • Buying Multiples Of Unnecessary Items
  • Making Purchases Purely Because Items Are On Sale
  • Shopping When Depressed
  • Hiding Items After Shopping
  • Secret Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, And Personal Loans
  • Shopping For Others To Feel Loved, Appreciated, Or Approved
  • Addiction To Television Shopping Networks
  • Staying Up Late At Night For Infomercials
  • Collecting To The Point Of Hoarding

If you or someone you know has experienced these issues in the past, there are treatment options available for you. The key is to find out what is really causing the shopping addiction so you can tackle the compulsion at the source. Contact Perspectives Of Troy at (248) 244-8644 to discuss treatment protocols.

Dangers Of Shopping Addiction

What’s so dangerous about shopping addiction. Someone likes to spend money – who cares? There is a big difference between getting pleasure out of shopping and feeling an insatiable need to spend money. When the condition crosses over into addiction, it can lead to:

  • Enormous Debt, Including The Need To File Bankruptcy
  • Relationship Struggles, Including Separation And Divorce
  • Depression, Anxiety, And Thoughts Of Suicide
  • Self-Isolation And Self-Loathing
  • Hoarding Addiction And Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Shopping addiction seems like an innocent condition at the surface, but the longer the problem festers, the harder it is to get over. Seeking treatment at the first signs of shopping addiction is the best way to avoid the issues listed above.

Self-Control Starts Now

Don’t waste another moment of your life spending money you don’t have or buying things you don’t need. If you know you have a problem with shopping addiction, seek treatment right away to discover the cause of your impulses. You will soon find new ways to feel happy, respected, important, or powerful without the need to max out your credit cards. There are healthy alternatives out there for you. Remember, “You Need Not Walk Alone”. Call us at 248.244.8644 and a Therapist will assist you in making the right choices for you.

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