How Long Should Couples Be Engaged Before Marriage? MI Premarital Counseling

by | Oct 7, 2020 | All, Couples Counseling, Premarital Counseling

How Long Should Couples Be Engaged Before Marriage? MI Premarital CounselingHow long should a couple be engaged before getting married? Is there a certain timeframe that is ideal for a successful marriage? We hear these questions a lot at our premarital counseling center in Michigan, and the truth is that there is no definitive answer. With that in mind, there are some guidelines you can use to determine how long you should stay engaged before you say “I do.”

The Average Engagement Time In America

On average, couples stay engaged between 13 and 18 months. That range varies throughout the country, but most couples stage engaged at least a year before getting married. This is not necessarily the “right” amount of time for an engagement, but it may help you get an idea for what other couples go through.

There Is No Right Or Wrong Time

Every couple is different. Someone else’s engagement time may be shorter or longer than yours. This largely depends on how long a couple has been together, how old they are, if there are any children involved, what their finances look like, etc. For instance, two people in their 60’s who have already been married before might have a short engagement time because they know what married life is like. A couple that has only been together for a year may spend two years or longer in the engagement phase to make sure they’re ready for marriage.

You have to figure out what works best for you. With a premarital counseling program like the one we offer at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers, you can build communication skills that strengthen your relationship and set you up for success from the start. Contact our Michigan couples counseling center to learn more.

Benefits Of A Long Engagement

While there is no specific timeframe for engagement, there are benefits to staying engaged at least one year before getting married. This gives you time to complete a premarital counseling program and really get to know your future spouse. Spend time together, learn each other’s quirks, find out what annoys you most about one another and how you can improve on your current issues. If the relationship isn’t meant to be, you can figure that out before walking down the aisle.

Also, keep in mind the immense amount of stress you will be under while planning your wedding. The shorter the planning period is, the greater the stress will be. Give yourselves plenty of time to work out your finances and plan for your new life as a family. Our marriage counselors here in Michigan will gladly assist you every step of the way.

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