How To Stop Suicidal Thoughts: Part 1 | Depression Therapy In Michigan

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How To Stop Suicidal Thoughts: Part 1 | Depression Therapy In MichiganSuicidal thoughts are common amongst people with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Whether you’re dealing with stress, grief, lifestyle changes, or other obstacles, we want you to know that suicide is NOT your only solution. Our depression therapists in Michigan are here to help you understand your feelings and combat negative ideas as they arise.

Follow this guide to learn how to stop suicidal thoughts.

The Pain You Are Feeling Is Only Temporary

The pain you’re experiencing now is temporary. It may not seem like it at this time, but eventually, you will be at a happier, healthier place in your life. Remind yourself of this when you feel suicidal thoughts coming up. It will get better. You can get through this. Attempting suicide will not make you escape your pain, but time and therapy will.

Look For Other Solutions, Even If You Can’t See Them Right Now

We have worked with thousands of depressed patients over the years, and one phrase comes up repeatedly: “I feel like suicide is my only option.” We’re here to tell you that it’s not. The stress and grief you are going through now might be blocking other solutions available to you. By talking to a depression counselor in Michigan or seeking comfort from friends and family members, you can open your eyes to all the answers that lie ahead.

Avoid Drugs, Alcohol, And Other Addictive Substances

During a suicidal thought, you may try to seek comfort in drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc. These addictive substances temporarily release dopamine in your brain, making you “feel good” for a moment. That’s the problem though – the effects only last for a moment. This is what fuels addictions, and you will find yourself seeking more and more of substance to numb your pain. You’re not getting rid of the depression. You’re only masking it. In the end, you will only make your suicidal thoughts stronger and more prevalent.

If you already struggle with addiction, talk to your therapist about it. He or she can help you control cravings and conquer your addiction head-on. There are better, more effective ways to deal with your depression and eliminate suicidal thoughts altogether. The depression therapists at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers are here to help every step of the way.

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