Phobia Treatment Metro Detroit: How To Overcome Phobias

by | Oct 7, 2020 | All, Phobias

Phobia Treatment Metro Detroit: How To Overcome PhobiasDo you have an irrational fear that is interfering with your daily life? Some phobias only affect people in specific situations, like a fear of snakes preventing someone from going camping in the woods. Other phobias are much more severe, completely interrupting the way someone gets through his or her day. With the help of anxiety therapy and phobia treatment in Michigan, you can learn how to overcome your fears and progress through your life with confidence. Here are some phobia conquering tips to get you started.

Overcome Your Fears In Small Progressive Steps

Facing your fears doesn’t mean you have to immediately jump into a scary situation. The best way to conquer a phobia is to do it in steps. You wouldn’t start a new job without training, right? In this case, you have to train your body and your mind not to be afraid of whatever is causing your phobia. Example: If you have a fear of driving, you may start by driving in your neighborhood, then to a nearby store, then to the other side of town, and then out of town.

The duration of your steps will depend on how comfortable you become. The goal here is to push yourself without overwhelming your mind. Your phobia counselor can help you make a plan for progress so you can track your success.

Practice Relaxing Your Body

Phobia symptoms often mimic those of a panic attack. You may suddenly feel overwhelmed, lightheaded, and unable to breathe, with a racing heart and equally rapid thoughts. By slowing down those physical reactions, you can help your mind process the fear better. Focus on your breathing – in for four seconds, hold for two seconds, and then out for four seconds. Do this slowly and repeatedly until your heart rate slows and you are able to assess the situation. After doing this a few times over, you will be able to remember that whatever you were fearing wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, which will simultaneously reduce your phobia symptoms.

Learn To Identify And Counteract Negative Thoughts

Most of us are guilty of having negative thoughts, also known as distorted thinking. Some are better at pushing those thoughts away than others. If you have a phobia, you may experience negative thoughts in relation to that situation. Monitor your thinking pattern and make note of when you have an irrational or unrealistic thought. For instance, if you are jumping to conclusions, overgeneralizing, or turning something into a worst-case scenario, you can challenge those thoughts and eventually take control of your fears entirely.

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