When Our Faith is Tested

by | Oct 7, 2020 | All, Christian Counseling

When Our Faith is TestedIf you have ever traveled to the coast, you probably noticed an unfamiliar sight: lighthouses. We are not used to seeing them inland, but in coastal towns there are many. They were used most often as a signal to ships that they were close to land, particularly during a storm when the tumultuous weather made it more difficult to see. Can you imagine being in a storm at sea? The waves around you begin to rise and fall amid claps of thunder. The lightning flashes only to illuminate the raging sea around you. Between the downpour of rain and the splashing waves, it seems as if there is more water in the ship than outside of it. You try with all your strength to keep the ship from going off course, but the strong winds seem to be winning the battle. Then, in the midst of fatigue and desperation, you look up and see a light shining in the distance. All of a sudden, you have new strength. I’m almost there, you think to yourself. You have hope and determination that you did not have before: I can make it.

Maybe you’ve never been in a literal storm at sea, but you’ve felt as if you were. Life itself is full of storms. If we are not in one currently, we likely will be soon. Storms come in all areas o our lives – our health, relationships, job, family, and more. During those times, it can be extremely difficult to find our peace r keep our faith strong. Like the sea captain fighting to keep the ship on course, we often are just trying to keep our heads above water. But as the winds of anguish surround us and the waves of discouragement rise, we often feel overwhelmed and disheartened, drowning in a sea of despair. We often ask ourselves: Why is this happening? What did I do to get here? What can I do to get out? And all the while it seems as if the water just rises higher and higher…

But there is a Light, even for us. The Lord is indeed the source of our strength, comfort, and hope if we look to him in our time of need. When we are in storms where our faith is being tested, we cannot focus on the waves and the lightning. Such a mindset will only cause us to drown in despair. We must focus on the Light that is ahead of us. We must lean on the support of family, friends, and even professional counselors who can help guide us to the sore again. Life is full of storms; we cannot avoid them. During those times, we can find comfort in knowing that the Lord, our Light, will never leave us or forsake us. He is always shining in the distance, guiding us to safety and peace. With our focus on Him, we can say in the midst of storms: I can make it.

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