Why Do People Cheat in Relationships? Couples Counseling in Michigan

by | Oct 7, 2020 | All, Couples Counseling

Why Do People Cheat in Relationships? Couples Counseling in MichiganCheating is a deal-breaker in most relationships, but infidelity occurs in nearly one-third of all marriages. It is possible to maintain a relationship after infidelity, but not without its challenges. The best option is to prevent infidelity from occurring in the first place.

This brings up an important question – why do people cheat in relationships? What are the most common causes of infidelity? We will answer those questions and others in this couple’s counseling guide.

A Person’s Personality

Some people are simply more prone to cheating than others. This is not an excuse for the behavior, but it is something to keep in mind. For instance, men ten to have a higher sex drive than women because of their testosterone. Thus they are more likely to cheat than women, even though women cheat as well. Someone who has issues with commitment might cheat on their partner as a form of self-sabotage. These personality traits can be controlled with determination or individual counseling, but some people give in to their mind and body’s inherent urges.

Struggles in the Relationship

Perhaps the most common reason people cheat is that they are not happy with some element of their relationship. This may have nothing to do with sex. In fact, many people cheat when they have a happy, healthy sex life at home. Infidelity may be a way of seeking additional attention, affirmation, or appreciation. If a person does not feel validated in his or her relationship, he or she may look for that validation elsewhere.

If you have felt that way in your relationship, you may consider couples counseling. This can help you work through the issues in your relationship that could lead to infidelity. A lack of trust, jealousy, codependency, poor communication, or an imbalance of responsibilities can make you feel disconnected from your significant other. With couples counseling, you’ll overcome those obstacles and strengthen your bond with one another.

Strong, Persistent Temptations

Last but not least, some people are prone to cheating because of the situation they are in. If someone spends a great deal of alone time with another person at work, he or she may develop feelings for the other person. Again, this is not an excuse for infidelity. It is merely an explanation for it. There are plenty of people who are able to push through the temptations without cheating on their spouses.

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