Knowing When to Seek Marriage Counseling

by | Oct 8, 2020 | All, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling

Knowing When to Seek Marriage CounselingDo we need marriage counseling? Will couples counseling help our marriage? These are questions you may ask after an argument or major life transition. Nearly every couple can benefit from marriage counseling in some way. You simply have to determine if the benefits are right for you. Let’s take a closer look at how couples therapy works so you can know when to seek marriage counseling.

What Marriage Counseling Can Do for You

In order to decide if marriage counseling is right for you, you need to understand the benefits of it. Each couple has a unique experience with marriage therapy, depending on their situation. Some common goals of marriage counseling include:

  • Improve communication skills to resolve conflicts and prevent future arguments
  • Overcome difficult obstacles in the marriage, such as stress or infidelity
  • Create a healthy balance of responsibilities and time spent together
  • Discuss disagreements in an open, judgment-free setting
  • Express your thoughts and feelings, and learn about your spouse’s concerns
  • Get personalized advice to resolve marital disputes
  • Bring closure to past events that continue to affect your marriage
  • Rebuild trust and strengthen your bond with one another
  • Find the root cause of your marital disputes so you can conquer them at the source

Your goals for marriage counseling may be different than someone else’s, but the core motive remains the same. Improve your relationship and fortify your commitment to your spouse. That’s what you can achieve through marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling to Address Current Problems

In terms of when to seek marriage counseling, many couples come to our Michigan counseling centers to address a specific issue. For instance, there may be a circular argument that you and your spouse have repeatedly. Marriage counseling could help you break the cycle and resolve that longstanding conflict. You may have also gone through a traumatic experience that you would like guidance for. Your marriage counselor will help you find coping strategies so you can support one another at this time.

Marriage Counseling to Prevent Future Problems

Marriage counseling can be preventative and reactive. While it is beneficial for resolving current conflicts, it is even more helpful at preventing future conflicts. As you improve your communication, you can express your thoughts in an effective, non-confrontational way. Disputes start as discussions, and you can keep them at that stage with the lessons learned through marriage counseling.

Simply put, you can seek marriage counseling at any time. Whether you’re dealing with serious issues in your relationship or you just want to bond more with your spouse, couples therapy can help.

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