Managing Depression after Miscarriage: Part 1

by | Oct 8, 2020 | All, Depression

Managing Depression after Miscarriage: Part 1Miscarriage or pregnancy loss can be a devastating experience for a family. This may be your first miscarriage, or you may have been through this before. The pregnancy may have been surprise, or it may have been carefully planned. You may have been pregnant for a few weeks, or you may have been nearing the end of your pregnancy. No matter the circumstances, this loss can shatter your emotions. We are here to help you pick up the pieces.

In the guide below, we will provide tips for managing depression after a miscarriage. If you would like to speak to a grief counselor or depression counselor near you, contact Perspectives Counseling Centers.

Don’t Blame Yourself for the Loss

One of the first reactions women have after a miscarriage is to blame themselves. Did I do something wrong? Was it because I did this or ate that? Is there something wrong with my body?

The fact is that every pregnancy has about a 25% chance of miscarriage (the statistics vary for different sources). You may simply be the victim of bad luck. In most instances, a miscarriage happens because a sperm and an egg were not completely compatible. There were abnormalities in the pregnancy that did not allow it to continue, and those circumstances are beyond your control. Do not place blame on yourself for what happened. It is not your fault.

Take Time to Grieve

Right now, you are mourning the loss of a loved one. You may have only known this entity for a few weeks, but it was a part of your life. Take some time to allow yourself to grieve.

You may need to take a few days off work or even a couple of weeks to sort through your emotions. In many instances, an employer will consider a miscarriage part of the company’s bereavement policy, so you can get an extended period of time off with pay or without any consequences.

Prepare for a Range of Emotions

You and your significant other may go through a full range of emotions as a result of this. You may feel sad one day, confused the next, and angry another day. You may go through all of those emotions within an hour. Everyone reacts to loss differently, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Embrace these emotions as they come. They are part of the healing process.

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