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Couples counseling and couples therapy is a unique type of therapy aimed at dramatically improving the relationship between husband and wife. Counseling and therapy first begin with recognizing your problem areas, and then carefully finding solutions by addressing each individual’s differences and working to resolve them amicably. While marriage counseling and couples counseling may mean the same thing to some people, the therapy involving couples may also include premarital counseling for those working towards marriage.

There are a number of proven techniques and life experiences that each counselor may draw from to correctly identify and facilitate the problem solving you are seeking. This special approach in identifying conflict areas is incorporated with the actual methods of working towards effective communication and conflict resolution. These matters will be addressed by your counselor as he or she works towards teaching those techniques to you and your spouse.

Couples Therapy

Trusted And Confidential Couples Counseling

Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers offer confidential couples therapy using tested and proven techniques for you and your spouse that may include:

  • Gottman Methods – This method takes the help of love maps to trace your anxiety, stress factor, happiness, individual hopes, and the history of each person along with their relationship history. This highly-effective couples therapy lays emphasis on communicating the needs of each person and learning to accommodate each other’s aspirations. The focus is specifically directed on problem management as a means for a more functional relationship.
  • Narrative Therapy – For starters, you and your spouse are asked to write down your problems in a narrative style of writing. Negative aspects of the relationship are thus brought to the forefront as they are revealed on paper. Each person is then helped by our couples counselor to rewrite the narrative by changing the negative issues previously written, and thus find a solution where both parties are happy. The couples counselor acts a catalyst by encouraging both of you to solve your present and future issues together with the end goal of problem resolution without the help of a couples counselor.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy – This is a proven short-term therapy that’s extremely effective in cases where one or both people suffer from depression. Our experienced and compassionate therapists will encourage emotional responses during the interaction between you and your spouse. Studies have revealed that almost 70% of all patients undergoing this particular couple therapy report significant improvement, and in some cases, dramatic recovery from relationship problems while under counseling at Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers.
  • Exploration Of Unconscious Root Problems – The purpose of this particular couple therapy is to probe and discover the unconscious problems that are obstacles to a happier and more fulfilling marriage. Past experiences of childhood abuse, addictive behaviors, single parenting, infidelity, or jealousy are often the source of dysfunctional behaviors in marriage. These are often root causes which are then resolved with your couples counselor by changing the existing childhood perceptions that stand in the way of a functional marriage.

In addition, unmarried individuals involved in a serious relationship can greatly benefit from premarital counseling with the help of the experienced and skilled therapists at Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers. Please remember, every couple brings their unique situation, life experiences, individual needs. That is exactly why we carefully select the best counselor for each couple who is earnestly seeking a happier and more functional relationship for their families.


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