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Looking for family counseling in Plymouth MI in Wayne County? Perspectives Counseling Centers offers couples counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, child counseling, and teen counseling, with flexible appointment times and insurance-friendly pricing. No matter what your needs may be, we can match you with a counselor that’s right for you. Our Plymouth therapist office is located at:

Perspectives Counseling Centers
705 S Main St, Plymouth, MI 48170

We have evening appointments available Monday through Thursday, so we can accommodate your family’s busy schedule. Give us a call at (248) 688-9071 to schedule an appointment with a family counselor near you.

The Many Benefits of Family Counseling in Plymouth MI

There are many reasons to consider family counseling in Plymouth MI. You may have a specific issue you would like to resolve, like a conflict between your children. You may have more general goals, like improving your communication skills or finding new ways to bond as a family. Your family counselor can guide you through these obstacles and help you find custom solutions that fit your lifestyles and personalities.

  • Some of the benefits of family counseling include:

    • Find the Source of Family Conflicts
    • Bring Closure to Past Arguments and Prevent New Ones from Forming
    • Learn How to De-escalate Arguments in Real-Time
    • Get Personalized Advice That Caters to Your Family
    • Overcome Tough Life Transitions Together
    • Build Strong Communication Skills That Last
    • Talk to a Family Counselor You Can Trust
    • Get Individual Counseling or Couples Counseling to Enhance Your Family Counseling in Plymouth MI

    To schedule an appointment with a family counselor near you, reach out at (248) 688-9071.

Family Walking on the Sidewalk

Specialized Family Counseling for Blended Families

Many family setups fall under the category of “blended families.” This may include families with adopted children, children from previous relationships, live-in grandparents, and even roommates in some situations. Blended families have unique requirements because they do not always have the inherent bonds found in other families. Those bonds have to be carefully developed over time. We have therapists with specialized training in blended family counseling. When you contact our office, we will match you with the best counselor for your family’s unique needs.

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