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Looking for psychological testing in Plymouth, MI in Wayne County? If so, you have come to the right place. Perspectives Counseling Centers offers highly-accurate psychological evaluation services. We receive consistent referrals from doctors and schools in the area because of our versatile testing solutions. Whether you are concerned for your child or preparing for a new career, we have psychological testing services to help you.

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A Full Range of Psychological Testing Solutions

The term ‘psychological testing’ covers a wide variety of services. Most people associate psychological evaluations with learning disabilities and neurological disorders, but testing can also be used to measure intelligence, career aptitude, management skills and more. At Perspectives Counseling Centers, we cover it all. Some of the most popular forms of psychological testing in Plymouth, MI include:

  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Learning Disability Testing
  • Autism Testing
  • Assessment of Intellectual Functioning
  • Clinical Interview
  • Personality Assessment
  • ADHD Testing
  • Career Planning
  • Mood Disorder Testing
  • Vocational or Career Counseling
  • Identification of Leadership or Management Skills
  • Intelligence Testing
  • Aptitude or Achievement Assessment

We also offer counseling and therapy programs for Plymouth and surrounding areas. If your test results suggest that you should consider follow-up treatment, we can pair you with a specialist to assist you. Contact our office at (248) 688-9071 to learn everything you need to know about psychological testing in Plymouth, MI.

Psychological Test

Personalized Psychological Testing in Plymouth, MI

In order to get an accurate diagnosis, you must complete the right psychological evaluation. You wouldn’t send your car to the dentist to get a checkup, right? Before we begin the psychological testing in Plymouth, MI, we determine which test is right for your unique needs. For children, we also address age and maturity levels to figure out which style of testing is right for them. We offer psychological testing services for every age group, including infants in need of autism testing or Asperger’s testing. Find out more by contacting Perspectives Counseling Centers.

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