Learn More about OurPsychological Testing in Sterling Heights, MI

Interested in psychological testing in Sterling Heights, MI in Macomb County? Perspectives Counseling Centers is proud to over psychological evaluation services for Sterling Heights and surrounding areas. We have several psychologists on staff who specialize in learning disorder testing, neurological disorder testing, autism testing, ADHD testing, and more. We offer testing services for every age group, and we accept most forms of insurance. Give us a call at (586) 268-6712 to get started.

Common Reasons to Get Psychological Testing in Sterling Heights, MI

Most of the calls we get regarding psychological testing in Sterling Heights, MI are from parents who are concerned about their children. The child may not be developing as quickly as the parent hoped, or he or she may be struggling in school. With that in mind, we also get calls from adults who would like psychological testing for a new job or difficulties in their lives. We have the expertise to accommodate these needs and more.

  • Some common reasons for getting psychological testing in Sterling Heights, MI include:

    • Determine the Cause of Academic Issues (Learning Disabilities, ADHD, etc.)
    • Identify Signs of Autism and Asperger’s in Children
    • Look for Potential Mood Disorders or Personality Disorders
    • Evaluate an Employee or Management Candidate
    • Plan for a New Career
    • Assess a Person’s Aptitude
    • Detect Mental Health Conditions, Such as Anxiety, Depression, or Codependency
    • Provide a Professional Diagnosis to Ensure Proper Treatment

    To learn more about the process or to schedule an appointment for psychological testing in Sterling Heights, MI, call (586) 268-6712.


Counseling and Therapy after Psychological Testing

If the psychological evaluation led to a diagnosis, you may want to seek counseling or therapy for the condition. This is not always necessary because not all psychological testing involves mental health conditions. For instance, employee assessments are meant for a company’s purposes and do not require treatment. Mood disorder testing, on the other hand, may involve a treatment path to follow. Perspectives Counseling Centers offers comprehensive therapy solutions to correspond with our psychological testing in Sterling Heights, MI. Reach out today to start your journey.