Services Trusted and Confidential Sex Therapy

Sex plays a key role in the overall success of a healthy marriage. Lack of intimacy can push the limits of you and your spouse’s marriage and can damage self-esteem and self-confidence. With the help of an experienced and trusted Christian Sex Therapist at Perspectives of Troy Counseling Centers, you will receive private therapy to improve your marital life. With our confidential sex therapy, you and your spouse will strengthen your marriage and greatly enhance your level of happiness together. We understand your struggles, and we are here to help you reach a better place in your marriage.

Dramatically Improve Your Marriage And Enjoy More Happiness Together

A staggering 43% of women and 31% of men struggle with some form of sexual issue. Sexual problems can develop from a number of factors that include stress, trust issues, and even psychological limitations. No matter what your reasons are for seeking out sex therapy, the Perspectives of Troy Counseling Centers can help. When married couples work with our certified sex therapist they can be assured of:

  • Freedom To Speak Out With Confidence In A Safe, Unbiased Environment
  • Improving Intimacy Together While Enhancing The Marital Bond
  • Working Through Personal Struggles With A Knowledgeable Sex Therapist And Relationship Counselor
  • Understanding Yourself And Your Spouse Better while Improving Your Marriage As A Whole
  • Experienced Sex Therapy In A Confidential And Clinical Setting
Holding Hands

In addition, we also provide family and marriage counseling services, teen counseling, adult aging, and other professional counseling services that may interlink with people that struggle with intimacy concerns. Quickly discover the root cause(s) of the loss or decline in sexual and marital intimacy and learn the best techniques to overcome them. Learn exactly why you and your spouse are struggling, and be proactive in solving your problems for a better marriage that will be mutually rewarding. Our sex therapist is here to carefully guide you every step of the way into an extraordinary marriage that you both deserve.


Improve Your Self-Esteem, Reclaim Affection For One Another And Enjoy A Happier Marriage

When the two of you were first married, expectations were very high. Those expectations may change over time. We understand that every relationship has its peaks and valleys, and we provide exceptional counseling services and encouragement to help you through the low points in your relationship. Sexual issues and self-esteem problems often go hand in hand, and there are a number of issues that can cause struggles in marital intimacy. By working with a sex therapist, you will improve not only your physical interactions but also communication and trust in every aspect of your marriage and personal life. Call today for experienced and proven sex therapy to begin rebuilding your marriage and conquering your sexual struggles together with a confidential sex therapist.
Perspectives Counseling Centers in Troy, Michigan is a full-service mental health center that provides sex therapy, marriage counseling, and teen counseling. Our staff of experienced professionals includes therapists and counselors perfectly matched to your individual needs.

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