Services Workaholics

Workaholics find it very difficult to relax. Their self worth is based on their performance and work. In order to perpetuate positive feelings of self, workaholics are constantly seeking out more work or work-related activities. Unfortunately, working so many hours leaves little time for the workaholics to meet other human needs such as love, relationships, and recreation. Workaholics are often ruled by fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, and underlying resentment. Workaholics are their own worst enemies by being very hard on themselves and being self-judgmental. Self-esteem is based on what others think of them via their work. Feelings of self-worth can range from feeling extremely intelligent and very capable of worthless an incapable. They often operate in crisis mode and need to feel a degree of chaos to feel motivated or alive. These individuals thrive on the maintenance of self-control and work to squelch emotions. Emotions are seen as dangerous or something that will just get in the way of their agenda. Exaggerating success is a good way to keep self-esteem high and others from getting too close.

Behaviors of work addiction may include but are not limited to:

  • More excited about work than family
  • Take work to bed
  • Take work home on weekends
  • Take work on vacation
  • Work is your favorite past time
  • Talk about work relentlessly
  • Work more than 40 hours a week, working excessively long hours
  • Hobbies are related to work or making money
  • Failure to be on time for events due to work
  • Taking on extra work
  • Underestimating the time projects will take
  • Lacking patience with others
  • Constant fear of losing job if performance is not high
  • Being overly competitive
  • Get irritated when people ask you to stop working
  • Lack of relationships or work that interferes with relationships
  • Reading and working through meals
  • Believe money will solve your problems
  • Thinking about work when trying to fall asleep

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