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Teen substance abuse counseling or drug addiction is a serious problem in our world. Young people, often teenagers fall victim to this often-deadly habit even before they realize how harmful it is. Deviation from normal behavior such as fits of rage, mood swings, lying, and stealing from peers and parents usually follow, and the affected individual may even turn violent in extreme cases as well. Trying to get rid of the addiction is certainly not easy, and psychiatric help in the form of substance abuse counseling is strongly recommended by physicians and therapists for teens with long-term drug problems.
Our experienced teen substance abuse counselors help each individual recognize their problem and give up the addiction willingly before it gets out of hand and becomes deadly. Often times group counseling for teens suffering from drug addiction is an effective alternative to one-on-one therapy. In addition, our staff carefully matches each patient to the best program and drug treatment for their individual needs.

Support From Loved Ones

While it is imperative for a teen addicted to drugs or alcohol to submit themselves to addiction therapy, their family and closest friends are often needed for emotional support during times of anxiety and depression. This support group is a necessary component for the ongoing battle of staying off of drugs and alcohol, and often times our counselors will work with key support people as well as a teen struggling with addiction. Individual, as well as group substance abuse counseling sessions offer the guidance and support needed to deal with the temptations of drugs and alcohol, and our counselors work with affected teens on personality struggles that can trigger relapse.



While it is okay to opt for an outpatient clinic for counseling, living in a peaceful environment away from the temptations with regular physical check-ups along with counseling sessions are required for complete recovery. A rehabilitation facility where the patient is kept in close observation is considered to be one of the best forms of treatment where both physical as well as mental treatments go hand in hand. The wounds of the mind take a longer time to heal though and psychiatrists often recommend multiple counseling sessions even after the sufferer has healed physically.

Teen Substance Abuse & Self Destructive Behaviors Group

The Teen E.D.G.E.

Co-ed group for teens experimenting, using, or abusing alcohol and/or drugs.  Also for teens who engage in other self-destructive behaviors.  Teens will gain insight into family dynamics, learn the harmful effects of drugs and other behaviors, and how to stop. Learn More

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