Manic Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder: Michigan Bipolar Counseling

by | Oct 5, 2020 | All, Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Manic Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder: Michigan Bipolar CounselingBipolar disorder is characterized by two distinct sets of behavior: manic and depressive. Manic bipolar symptoms represent the “high” of the disorder, followed by the “low” of depressive symptoms. Both sets of experiences come with their own issues, and they can vary in severity from person to person. Here we will explore the manic symptoms of bipolar disorder and how to overcome them.

Signs And Symptoms Of Manic Episodes

Manic episodes of bipolar disorder are often characterized by:

  • The inability to sleep due to extremely high energy and rapid thought patterns
  • Restlessness throughout the day
  • Speaking quickly, to the point that people may not be able to follow your conversation
  • Taking on new projects or increasing your personal workload
  • High sex drive
  • Setting unattainable goals for yourself
  • High-risk behaviors and impulsive actions
  • Reaching out to negative people despite your better judgment
  • Hallucinating

Each person has a unique set of experiences, and those may change as the condition progresses. Manic episodes may last for weeks or even months at a time. During a manic session, a person may seem drunk or affected by drugs even though he or she did not drink/do drugs.

Managing Manic Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

At first glance, manic episodes may seem enjoyable. You have endless energy and a desire to do just about anything. It’s important to remember that these feelings are only temporary, and they may cause you to do things you may not otherwise want to do. For instance, the increased sex drive may lead you to cheat on your significant other. Your thirst for high-risk experiences may cause you to get hurt doing something dangerous or illegal.

Most patients with bipolar disorder require medication and bipolar counseling to control their symptoms. The medication offsets the chemical imbalance in the body, while the counseling helps a person understand his or her emotions better. If you are able to identify when a manic episode occurs, you can seek the help you need before it gets out of hand.

Stressful Situations May Trigger Manic Episodes

A stressful situation may trigger a manic episode. If you work in a high-stress environment, like the medical field or emergency services, you need to make sure you keep your stress under control. Your employer should be notified of your condition to watch for signs of mania or depression. Even with medication, you could slip into a manic episode if stress gets too high. Luckily, there are ways to get back on track with the help of your bipolar counselor in Michigan. Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Michigan to learn more about the bipolar treatment available to you.

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