Top FREE Holiday Family Bonding Activities In Michigan

by | Oct 7, 2020 | All, Family Counseling

Top FREE Holiday Family Bonding Activities In MichiganLooking for a great way to bond with your family over the holidays? Michigan offers a slew of fun-filled adventures for people of all age ranges. Best of all, many of these events are completely free to attend, so you don’t have to spend money during a financially stressful time of year. Check out these top free holiday family bonding activities in Michigan.

Driving Around To See Christmas Lights

This time-honored tradition has become less popular over the last few years. People are more inclined to stay home and watch TV than getting out for a drive with the family. While you will technically spend money on fuel, it’s a small price to pay for the joy and excitement you get. Drive around some nearby neighborhoods in advance to see which ones have the best light displays, or ask people you work with what they would recommend. Then you can take your family to the biggest and brightest spectacles in town.

Note that this is also a great option for date night if you and your spouse want to get out by yourselves. Go to a nice dinner and then drive around shortly after sunset. You can entertain yourselves for hours and create tons of precious memories along the way.

Church Events

Most local churches will have some sort of holiday or Christmas festival this time of year. These events are almost always free to attend, and they include great fun, singing, story-telling, and more. If you currently attend church, you may ask your congregation leaders about upcoming events. You could also watch local news stations or read the paper to find out about events happening in other churches. Celebrate the birth of Christ with a great community of people.

City Light Festivals

In addition to driving around neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights, you could visit lighting festivals in cities near you. There are several of these in Metro Detroit, MI, and surrounding areas, so you’re sure to be able to find something your family will love. In most cases, it is free to drive or walk around light festivals. You will have the option to pay for additional experiences though, like a carriage ride or petting animals at a nativity-themed petting zoo. This information should be listed on the website or promotion page pertaining to the event, so you can find out how much money you might need in advance.

Free Santa Pictures

Some places charge money to get a picture with Santa, but that isn’t always the case. For instance, many pet stores will have Santa visits throughout the month so people can get pictures with their pets. These are free or inexpensive, and you can bring the whole family along. Explore the many holiday events in Michigan and see which ones are right for your family.

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