Services What Is Bullying And When Does Someone Need Counseling?

Bullying is defined as the repeated confrontation of negative attention or assaults (either verbal or physical) over time. In addition, the subject (a child, a teenager or an adult) typically has difficulty defending themselves; and they are the target of repetitive abusive behavior that oftentimes leaves negative emotional and psychological effects. The definition of bullying typically includes these three key components:
Chain Link Fence
  • Bullying Is Aggressive And Abuse Behavior
  • Bullying Always Involves Unwanted Negative Actions
  • Bullying Involves Negative Behavior Repeated Over Time
  • Bullying Is An Imbalance Of Power Or Strength
Many people view bullying as a problem that is limited to just the bully and their victim. However, research proves that bullying involves bystanders as well, and oddly enough bullying incidents are typically public (rather than private) events that have many witnesses.

For instance, studies based on playground observations found that in most cases at least four other peers were present as observers. These bystanders, also called rein-forcers, are assistants to either the bully or the victim. In most cases, however, more than 52% of the bystanders reinforced the bully by passively watching. Consequently, only 26% of the incidents observed did witnesses support the victim by directly intervening, distracting, or discouraging the bully.

Understanding Bullying And Finding Solutions

Bullying involves the Victim, the Bully and the Bystander. Have you ever been a victim of bullying? Have you been a bully or a bystander?

Bullying occurs in many different forms and at all ages and socioeconomic levels. The following includes all observed measures of bullying:

  • Physical Or Social Aggression
  • Verbal Aggression And Verbal Abuse
  • Intimidation For Any Reason
  • Sexual Harassment At School, Work Or In The Community
  • Internet Or Cyber-Bullying
  • Racial, Religious, Cultural, National Or Ethnic Harassment
Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers provides you, a family member or your friends experienced individual counseling for bullying as well as very affordable group counseling for all aspects of bullying. Our ongoing Bullying counseling and therapy programs include, but are not limited to:




Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers is a leading authority that provides specialized bullying programs that can be custom-tailored to meet every need. This includes experienced counseling and therapy for the bully, any bystanders, or the victim along with trusted and confidential family and marriage counseling when needed.

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