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It has been commonly held throughout history that the smallest unit of society is the family. It is in the family unit that we find our beginnings. Our family of origin is a place where we are wanted, nurtured, educated, trained, loved, and eventually released into the world to start our own family.

When we think of our family many of us may experience warm and positive emotions. However, for others, the emotions that surface when the subject of family is brought up maybe pain, rejection, or even abandonment.

Family Holding Their Child

It is to those that view this page that we are hoping to connect with and offer the highest level of:

  • Family Counseling For The Modern-Day Family
  • Experienced Family Counseling Services And Marriage Counseling
  • Couples Counseling And Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Family Counseling For Traditional And Blended Families

Perspectives Of Troy family counselors understand the dynamics that may be playing out in many households in our Michigan communities. The dysfunctional themes that develop in homes behind any given street address can be painful and enduring. These chronic conditions can go on for years moving into generational destruction. It doesn’t have to be that way, and most family issues can be addressed and dealt with when professional family counselors are involved.

Perspectives Of Troy family counselors are knowledgeable of Structural, Collaborative, and Solution Focused Therapies, to mention only a few. It is the seasoned Family Counselor that may be just the catalyst needed for your family to bring about the needed change and ongoing support required to help everyone love and grow into the family they desire.

Family Counselors That Understand The Complexity Of Blended Families

Many have sought Family Counseling when there has been a trauma or abuse, addiction issues, neglect or anger, and even domestic violence. Others need help because they are working through infidelity, a divorce, a remarriage, or they are attempting to understand the complexity of their blended family. Even life changes involving retirement or the loss of a spouse can turn a family’s life inside out, and everyone in the family unit is affected by these challenges.

Your family and your home should be a place of refuge after a long day of dealing with the stress of life. If it is not, perhaps family counseling could set the stage for positive change to take place with that being the end goal. Most people would ask the question: What is Family Counseling? Family Counseling is where the entire family meets with a skilled and experienced family counselor and a safe environment is created so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard, received, affirmed, and validated for their part and role in the family.

If your family is struggling, remember, you need not walk alone. We are available with extended hours for your convenience, and we’re here to help you and your family move towards a healthier and happier relationship. We Invite You To Give Our Office A Call At (248) 244-8644 And Take That First Step Today!


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