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Sex addicts find themselves unable to resist the strong impulses to fantasize and/or engage in compulsive sexual behavior. They engage in these behaviors to the point that other life areas become impaired or neglected. The person spends an inordinate amount of time fantasizing, planning, seeking, and engaging in sexual acts. After the acts are complete they experience a “let down” and experience negative emotional states. They promise themselves to stop the behavior only to find they are unable to control their impulses and compulsions. They continue in the behavior in the face of the negative effects the behavior is having on their social, occupation, academic, emotional, and familial functioning. Over time, the intensity, frequency, and risky taking behavior tend to increase. Their compulsive behavior can become dangerous to their continued survival. The threat of venereal disease and auto-immune disorders are extremely high.
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Behaviors of sexual addiction may include but are not limited to:

  • Recurrent sexual fantasies
  • Recurrent sexual urges
  • Continued planning for the next sexual escapade
  • Sex in response to negative feelings (anxiety, depression, boredom, and irritability
  • Sex in response to stressful life events
  • Unsuccessful attempts to control sexual behavior
  • Sex while disregarding the risk for physical and emotional harm
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Use of Pornography
  • Frequent sex with consenting adults
  • Participation in Cybersex (internet sexual experiences)
  • Telephone sex
  • Frequenting strip clubs
  • Sex with Prostitutes

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