How To Feel More Valued At Work: Self-Esteem Counseling MI

by | Oct 5, 2020 | All, Self Esteem

How To Feel More Valued At Work: Self-Esteem Counseling MIDo you feel undervalued and underappreciated at work? This can harm your self-esteem. You may not be able to control the way your boss treats you or the type of work you do, but you can change your perception of your environment. Here are some tips to help you feel more valued at work.

Start Each Day With A Positive Attitude

We get it – you don’t like your job, your colleagues, your boss, or some element of your work. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive attitude. Approaching each day with a smile and hope will naturally make you feel better throughout the day. Obstacles that seem overwhelming when you’re gloomy will seem easy-to-conquer with a positive mindset.

Identify The Purpose Of Your Work

Oftentimes we feel value-less because we don’t have a goal to strive for. What is your purpose at work? How does your job improve the lives of others? Every position has a purpose, whether it’s creating a clean space for others to work in or building a product that people need. Find the purpose in your profession and use that to create a sense of value.

Get Constructive Feedback From Your Supervisor

If your supervisor rarely applauds you for your work, speak to him in private about ways to improve your productivity. You may not like what you hear at first, but at least you will have a guideline to follow. What areas do you thrive in, and what areas could be better? Try to enhance the skills you’re struggling with and emphasize the ones that you’re already great at so you can be the best employee possible.

Give Feedback To Your Supervisor Or Employer

Some supervisors are quick to identify problems in the workplace, but they aren’t as quick to provide praise to their employees. If you feel like your work is consistently being overlooked, talk to your employer or supervisor about that. Explain why you feel like a valued employee and why you and your colleagues deserve more positive feedback throughout the day. This not only lets your supervisor know that there is a problem, but it also forces you to identify your positive traits. That’s an instant self-esteem boost!

Plan Your Long-Term Goals

Where do you want to be with your career, and what steps are you taking to accomplish that goal? If you turn your focus to the future, you will feel a greater sense of pride in your work. What you’re doing now matters. If it’s not helping you reach your long-term goal, find a plan that will. When you have finally reached your dream job or found a stable source of income, you will naturally feel valued at work.

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