Budgeting Tips For Shopping Addictions: MI Shopping Addiction Treatment

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Addicitions, All

Budgeting Tips For Shopping Addictions: MI Shopping Addiction TreatmentShopping addiction and overspending is a common problem for men and women alike. This condition can be tied to low self-esteem, hoarding, relationship struggles, and other addictions. Whether you have recently fallen into shopping addiction or it is something you have struggled with for a long time, there are ways you can control your spending money and subsequently control your addiction. Here are some budgeting tips for shopping addicts, courtesy of our addiction treatment center in Michigan.

Set Up Automatic Withdrawals For Bills

One problem that shopping addicts run into is spending money that should be set aside for bills. Their addiction is so strong that they would rather go to a store than pay for rent, electricity, and other essentials. You can forcefully prevent yourself from doing this by setting your bills up on autopay. Schedule the bill payment dates directly after your paydays so the money doesn’t sit in your account for too long. If you get the impulse to shop, the only money left will be what you can logically spend.

Do NOT Allow Overdrafting On Your Bank Account

When you set up a checking account at a bank, you should be able to opt-in for an overdraft. This gives you the chance to pull out more money than you have in the account. Overdrafts can be helpful in an emergency, but they are not ideal for people with a shopping addiction. You will have to pay a fee every time your account goes over its limit, and that can quickly send you into debt. It would be better for your card to be declined at a store than for you to rack up excessive fees at your bank.

Only Spend Money From A Certain Card, Account, Or Envelope

The envelope method was a popular budgeting solution decades ago, but most people do not pay their bills in cash anymore. Nevertheless, you could use this to control your shopping addiction. Limit your spending to the money you have set aside in a special envelope in your home. If you do not want to have the money in cash, you could set up a checking account or prepaid card to hold the money on. You don’t want to use a credit card for your shopping money because then you may be tempted to spend more than you have available. Put yourself on a strict budget each month, and you will eventually learn your personal limitations.

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