Do I Need Psychological Testing?

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Do I Need Psychological Testing?Psychological testing is the process that psychologists use to measure how well a person is functioning intellectually, academically, interpersonally, and emotionally. Assessment tools, supported by years of scientific research, are used to examine how people think and feel for the purpose of identifying their strengths and weaknesses and clarifying a diagnostic picture.

Several different types of psychological testing may be conducted. One of the most common types is intelligence testing or IQ testing. This type of psychological testing is useful for understanding how people process different types of information. For example, some people process verbal information (e.g., letters and numbers) better than nonverbal information (e.g., charts and puzzles). It is often useful to receive a test of academic achievement in conjunction with an intelligence test, even for those who are no longer in school. While your IQ gives an assessment of potential performance, an achievement test will show your actual performance. Important implications can be drawn from knowing if your achievement level is equal to, greater than, or less than your IQ level.

Another common form of psychological testing is personality testing. Many people think of the “Inkblot Test” (actually called the Rorschach, named after the psychologist who developed it) when they think of personality testing. This test, or any other personality inventories, can be used to identify your personality characteristics and patterns of how you may interact with others. Maybe you often have conflicts with family or coworkers, or you depend too much on others for making decisions. A personality assessment can help you better understand your relationship patterns and how you can improve your interpersonal style.

Several tests have been developed to assist with identifying key symptoms of behavioral and emotional disorders for the purpose of making a clear diagnosis of depression and anxiety, inattention and hyperactivity, conduct problems, and anger.

While each of these various types of tests can be administered individually, it is very common for psychologists to combine one of each of these tests into a larger, customized testing battery in order to obtain the clearest clinical picture. After testing is completed, the psychologist will personally explain the results and provide a comprehensive psychological report, including recommendations or “next steps” specific to your test results.

At Perspectives, we are proud to have qualified psychologists who are available to conduct psychological testing with both children and adults. Since many insurance companies are now assisting with costs, psychological testing may be more affordable than you think. Call our main office today for more information and to schedule an appointment: (248) 244-8644.

By Dr. LaTanya Carter

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