Want To Be Happy? Break These 5 Bad Habits

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Adult Counseling

Want To Be Happy? Break These 5 Bad HabitsDo you remember what it was like to be happy? Perhaps it’s a distant memory for you by now. Happiness is a feeling we often take for granted until it seems too late to get it back. Believe it or not, you can regain your happiness again just by adjusting some bad habits you don’t realize you have right now. Here are five bad habits you have to break if you want to be happy.

1 – Trying To Please Everyone

You’re not perfect. No one is and no one expects you to be. If you focus all of your energy on trying to be perfect, you’re going to miss out on the happiness that’s already around you. Do what brings you joy, not what you think everyone expects from you.

2 – Gossiping With Other People

Gossiping is essentially a process where you send out negative thoughts and emotions into the world. Those will inevitably come back to you, whether you realize it or not. The same people that you talk to behind other people’s backs will undoubtedly talk about you behind yours. Spare yourself the heartache and stay away from gossip.

3 – Feeling Insecure About Yourself

Insecurities can be deep seeded, spawning from traumatic situations all the way back to your childhood. We don’t expect you to just get over your long-term insecurities, but it would be wise to work on them. Start highlighting your positive traits instead of focusing on the negatives, or do something to change what you do not like about yourself (lose weight, get a tan, get a new haircut, etc.). When you feel confident about yourself, you naturally feel happier.

4 – Trying To Buy Happiness

Money can’t buy you happiness. “Stuff” does not equate to happiness. Think about all of the celebrity suicide you hear about on the news. They have money. They have “stuff.” What they don’t have is happiness. Rather than trying to buy your joy, you need to figure out what is holding you back from being happy. Work on that and save your money for something you truly need.

5 – Living In The Past

If you spend all of your time in the present dwelling on events from the past, you’re going to see life flash before your eyes. Work on leaving the past behind you and focus on the positive changes you can make for the future. Those are going to be the key to your happiness.

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