Learn about ourEffective Alcoholism Treatment In Metro Detroit

Alcoholism has become a growing problem in Metro Detroit and American as a whole, with 16.6 million adults struggling with alcohol abuse disorders (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism). Some people turn to alcohol for comfort and stress relief, while others use it to escape from problems in their day to day lives. If you suffer from alcohol addiction, Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Metro Detroit offer personalized treatment programs to help you conquer your dependency.

Warning Signs Of Alcoholism And Alcohol Dependency

Many people enjoy the occasional drink without forming a dependency, but others get trapped by addiction that spins out of control. Common signs of alcoholism include:

  • Drinking As A Way To Avoid Or Relieve Stress In Your Life
  • Drinking Several Times A Day So That The Alcohol Becomes Part Of Your Daily Routines
  • Losing Track Of Your Alcohol Intake Or Losing Control Of How Much You Drink
  • Feeling Compulsions To Go To The Bar Or Liquor Store
  • Increasing Your Alcohol Intake To Achieve The Same Effects You Had Before
  • Drinking Alcohol At Any Time Throughout The Day, Including Early Mornings When You First Wake Up
  • Losing Sleep To Go Out And Drink
  • Skipping Out On Work And Personal Responsibilities To Drink
  • Experiencing Withdrawals When You Go Without Alcohol For 2-3 Days (Delusions, Tremors, Nausea, Insomnia, Etc.)
  • Losing Control Of Your Emotions, To The Point That You Abuse Others After Drinking
Person Drinking on the Side of the Street

If you feel like you have lost control of your drinking habits, our alcoholism counseling center provides a safe, confidential place for you to seek out alcohol addiction therapy. Our alcoholism counselors specialize in working with people just like you to take control of their lives. You don’t have to suffer from addiction any longer. Contact us at (248) 244-8644 to learn about our addiction treatment programs.

Help A Loved One Suffering From Alcoholism Addiction

“How can I help someone get treatment for alcohol addiction?” Oftentimes it is not the alcoholic that reaches out for treatment, but rather a friend or a family member concerned about his or her wellbeing. If someone you know is going through alcohol dependency, give us a call to learn about our alcoholism treatment. We offer affordable group counseling and individual counseling programs in two safe locations in Metro Detroit and Macomb County. Our therapists can help you approach your loved one in the right way to help him get the help he needs.


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