Learn more about ourPsychological Testing In Metro Detroit

Professional psychological testing is easily accessible at Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Metro Detroit. With over 40 licensed counselors on hand, we can provide a professional evaluation for your specific needs. From career testing to personality assessments, we provide a full range of clinical tests in a safe, confidential environment. Contact one of our Metro Detroit counseling centers at (248) 244-8644 to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Get The Psychological Testing You Need From Confidential Counseling Centers In Metro Detroit

Whether you are requesting a psychological evaluation for yourself or for one of your clients, students, or employees, our confidential counseling centers in Metro Detroit are here to assist you. Some of the most common psychological tests we provide include:

View of the Lake and a Woman
  • Signs Of DepressionAnxietyOCD, And Other Mental Health Conditions
  • Unexplained Personality Changes (Gambling AddictionBipolar Disorder, Etc.)
  • Overwhelming Changes In Life That Are Difficult To Handle (Divorce PreventionGrief Counseling, Etc.)
  • Career Testing For Job Applications And Career Planning
  • Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluation For Trials And Custody Hearings
  • Testing Recommended By A Friend Or Family Member
  • Special Education Assessment For Children Who Need Additional Assistance In School

No matter what circumstances may require you to get psychological testing, Perspectives Of Troy has expert counselors available to help. Call our office at (248) 244-8644 to get the perfect test for your unique situation. 

Customized Psychological Testing For Your Specific Needs And Goals

Psychological testing varies from one person to the next based on his or her specific needs and goals. Most types of clinical assessments begin with a consultation with one of our licensed counselors in Metro Detroit. From there, the counselor will discuss the purpose of the evaluation and customize a test just for the patient individually. The counselor may complete the evaluation at that time or schedule a follow-up appointment.

The mental health evaluation will include an in-depth interview with a carefully-selected therapist. The therapist will assess body language, behavior, and responses to questions to determine the state of the person’s mental health. The assessment may also include:

Achievement Testing – Personality Testing – Adaptive Functioning Testing – Intelligence Testing

After the evaluation, the counselor may discuss therapy options to help the patient overcome struggles and improve his or her quality of life. Get paired with the perfect therapist for your situation, and receive the tailored testing you need to for your situation.

The Only Counseling Center In Metro Detroit With Worldwide Certification

Get truly accurate psychological evaluation through the only Metro Detroit counseling center with worldwide certification (CARF). We have over 40 therapists and psychiatrists on staff, with extended hours and Saturday appointments available. Contact Perspectives Of Troy at (248) 244-8644 to schedule your consultation in one of our two conveniently-located counseling centers in Metro Detroit.


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