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You may think that the words “divorce prevention” have an unusual sound and feel to them. Typically, when a person is tossing around the word “divorce” it is to test the waters and see how they might actually move forward with it as an action word. Often the word divorce itself is so uncomfortable to think about, or even say out loud that many people have relegated themselves to just calling it the big “D”!

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Perspectives of Troy Counseling Centers hold the philosophical viewpoint that marriage is a lifelong commitment entered into soberly by two loving and well-intentioned individuals expecting to grow old together and sharing their life and love for the remainder of the time. That is our end-goal with every married couple actively seeking our guidance, expertise, and experience. In addition, you have our promise for the highest level of marriage counseling exemplified by qualified counselor s and therapists that specialize in divorce prevention and offer you years of experience.

Proven Divorce Prevention Techniques That Save Marriages

Over the years now we have tested several proven marriage counseling techniques, and your therapist will work with you and your spouse to discover the best method(s) for your marriage. Here are some examples:

  • Positive Psychology puts a specific focus on the positive components of the married couple’s character strengths, positive emotions, and past experiences. These factors along with other productive aspects of the marriage are explored to promote happiness that is an outcome of those experiences, and then the counseling sessions can build upon that momentum.
  • The Gottman Method uses proven marriage counseling techniques to increase closeness in marriage, affection for each other, and mutual respect. Married couples work together and openly discuss their problems in a controlled and calm exchange of words and solution-based conversation.
  • Biblically-Based Marriage Counseling is offered when a couple allows God and His Word to be an active and integral part of the counseling sessions. Trained biblically sound therapists can use the wisdom of scripture to seek out principles to help couples choosing to be submissive to God’s plan for their lives.
  • Analyzing Communication is a technique that can dramatically improve how a couple communicates, and this careful analysis of the methods married people use to communicate offers tremendous insight into common miss-interpretations. With this information, your therapist can guide you both towards functional forms of communication and begin to alleviate misunderstandings.
  • Individual Counseling is always recommended in situations where only one person is willing to seek marriage counseling and marriage therapy. This is an important step to preventing divorce, but remember the best outcome takes place after both people have become fully committed to divorce prevention and are actively seeking help with a professional therapist.
  • Exploring the Unconscious Roots of Problems is another divorce prevention technique that is very effective. During this therapy, unconscious root problems are explored. Occasionally, previous life events and early childhood experiences are discovered in therapy and can be re-shaped into positive and functional memories.

Divorce Prevention can work when married couples come together with a qualified therapist. In place of divorce, a couple can pursue a clinically sound program of regaining the love and joy they once held in their marriage, and reestablish a home environment where the entire family may thrive once again.

If you or a loved one is thinking about the big “D”, please consider picking up your phone and calling our office at (248) 244-8644. A caring and compassionate receptionist will assist you with important information so you can begin your divorce prevention with the help of our highly qualified staff. Remember… ”You Need Not Walk Alone”


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