Services Trusted Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is designed to help couples dramatically improve their relationship with enhanced communication skills, proactive problem solving, open conversation, and much more – all in a private, confidential setting. The professional marriage counselors here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers can help you gain a better understanding of your spouse and improve the intimacy in your relationship. Whether you are preparing to get married or you have been married for decades, you can benefit from working with a family and marriage counselor who chose specifically to address your personal needs.

Confidential Marriage Counseling With Experienced And Trusted Therapists

There are a number of reasons why a couple may seek out marriage counseling and couples therapy, from intimacy issues to infidelity and more. We offer a wide range of marriage counseling programs tailored to suit different stages in your relationship, such as premarital counseling, divorce prevention, and domestic violence counseling. As one of the largest counseling centers in Michigan, we have over 30 counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists on staff, all specializing in a specific area of mental health and behavioral development. We will match you with the best counselor to help you grow as a couple. some of our most common marriage counseling services include:

Couple Hugging Each Other
  • Building Communication Skills And Overcoming Emotional Barriers
  • Addiction Counseling And Alcoholism Treatment, For Times, When Substance Abuse Tears Apart A Happy Marriage
  • Sex Therapy To Correct Intimacy Struggles And Sexual Problems
  • Anxiety, Anger Management And Depression Counseling For Couples And Individuals
  • Marriage Counseling After Infidelity To Rebuild Trust And Identify The Root Cause Of The Affair
  • Couples Counseling For Financial Problems And Debt
  • Conflict Resolution For Extended Families
  • Relationship Addiction Counseling To Help Couples Establish Healthy Boundaries In Their Marriage
  • Multicultural Family Blending For Families Of All Varieties
  • Divorce Prevention Therapy – There’s Still Time To Save Your Marriage!
  • Premarital Counseling To Prepare Couples For A Happy And Successful Married Life
  • Experienced And Trusted Christian Marriage Counseling, For Couples Who Want To Rebuild Their Marriage Through Faith

We offer proven techniques and solutions for newly married couples, as well as those in more seasoned stages of marriage. The marriage counselors at Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers are experienced professionals who will ensure that each of you will be heard and validated throughout the course of your counseling. Together, you will find a resolution found for all of the difficulties you’re facing in your marriage.

What To Expect From Marriage Counseling And Marriage Therapy

Marriage counseling is particularly helpful in resolving conflicts that impede a successful marriage. It is generally a short term therapy, which most often involves both the people seeing the counselor together. The relationship skills that you will learn during your marriage counseling sessions include open communication, conflict resolution, honest discussions, and understanding why your spouse thinks and feels a certain way. Your marriage counselor will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage to help you and your spouse to better understand each other. Many of our marriage counselors have been able to facilitate dramatic positive changes in just a few visits, and we are fully committed to helping you and your spouse achieve the highest level of love and happiness possible.

Whatever your needs may be, Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers has a caring and experienced counselor to help you move forward to a happier place in your marriage. 


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