Are You Addicted To Your Spouse? Part 1

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Couples Counseling

Are You Addicted To Your Spouse?Drugs, alcohol, and gambling are some of the most recognizable forms of addictions out there, but they are far from the only obsessive attachments you may come across in your life. Everything from food to shopping can turn into an addiction if you lose the ability to control yourself around the objects or activities. Such can be said about relationships at all different levels. Simply put, you can and maybe addicted to your spouse, even if you don’t realize the attachment is unhealthy.

In this guide, we will explore the signs of relationship addiction and why you may need to seek counseling to set healthy boundaries in your marriage.

Signs Of Relationship Addiction

Addictive relationships typically go unnoticed for quite some time. The addiction comes across as bonding, happiness – just two people getting along well with one another. Nevertheless, you need to look out for the following in your relationship:

  • Inability To Think And Function As Individuals
  • Lack Of Personal Identity
  • Being Described As “Clingy” By Friends Or Family Members, While You Believe That You Are Acting Like Normal
  • Cycles Of Break Ups And Make Ups That Never Seem To End
  • Feeling Empty Or Lost After Not Seeing The Person, Even For A Short Period Of Time
  • Feeling High Or Overly Excited When Near The Person Or Anticipating Seeing The Person
  • Yearning For That Intense Feeling As A Way To Keep Yourself Going Throughout The Day
  • Thinking That You Will Never Be Good Enough For Your Partner
  • Giving Up Sleeping Or Eating In Favor Of Being With Your Spouse

All in all, the signs of addictive relationships often come across as signs of any other addiction. Your body and your attitude will change when you are around the person, similar to how your mood may change with drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal from your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend will lead to depression, weight loss, fatigue, and other symptoms that could impact your health as a whole. This is why it is so important to maintain healthy boundaries in any relationship you come into.

Non-Romantic Addictive Relationships And Family Codependency

In some cases, your addiction to another person may not reference a spouse or significant other. It may be a family member or friend that you are addicted to. The signs of the addiction will remain the same, but the nature in which you interact may change. For instance, if you cannot get through the day without talking to your adult son on the phone, you may have an addictive parent-child relationship. There are dangers to this type of addiction just like romantic addictions, and you may need to seek family counseling to create a better balance moving forward.

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