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by | Oct 5, 2020 | Anxiety, Depression

Smartphones Are Stress Triggers At Work | Michigan Depression CounselingStress is a major culprit in depression. The more stressed you are, the more overwhelmed you feel – that increases the intensity of depression symptoms. Did you know that having your smartphone with you at work could be adding to your stress levels? Let’s take a look at how smartphones trigger stress in the workplace and what you can do to combat the effects.

Why Smartphones Create Stress

Your smartphone represents your connection with the outside world: personal email accounts, text messages, social media accounts, etc. If your phone is near you but not clearly visible, you may feel like you’re missing out on something. If your phone is visible, you may be tempted to check on it more often than you should. That detracts from your work, pushing you further away from your deadlines and instantly boosting your stress.

According to a survey from CareerBuilder, 83% of workers have smartphones, and 82% of those employees have their phones within eye contact of them. A staggering 55% of employers say that smartphones are to blame for low productivity levels in their companies. Whether your phone is a physical distraction (you take time away from work to respond to a message) or a mental distraction (you constantly worry about what’s going on), having your smartphone at work will add stress to your life.

What About The Stress Of NOT Having A Smartphone?

There is a flip side to this argument. Some people feel stress when they do not have easy access to their smartphones. This is especially the case for parents who want to have their phones nearby in case an issue arises with their child. For other people, stress from not having their phones stems from smartphone addiction, which can be a causal influence in depression and anxiety. Treating smartphone addiction reduces the stress from not having the phone, which helps ease the depression.

How To Prevent Smartphone-Related Stress At Work

Here are some tips to help you avoid stress at work from your phone:

  • Only check your phone at the end of the workday – not during lunch or right before work. If you see your messages before or during work, you may stress the contents of them and hurt your productivity.
  • Leave your phone in your car or locker. If you have it in your desk or purse, you will be more likely to check it out of habit.
  • Set automatic responders to let people know that you are at work. They will be less likely to send you multiple messages, and they will know when the best time is to contact you.
  • Let people know when your work hours are and encourage them to contact you when you get home. It may take them a little time to get used to the schedule, but eventually, they will get the hang of it.
  • Do not answer work-related calls after hours, unless you are in a profession that requires it. If you separate your work life and personal life, you will have an easier time controlling your smartphone use as a whole.

For more information about depression counseling or smartphone addiction counseling in Michigan, contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers.

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