What Causes PTSD? PTSD Therapy In Michigan

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Depression, Trauma

What Causes PTSD? PTSD Therapy In MichiganPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be caused by any form of trauma. It is most often associated with combat in the military, but that only represents a small portion of PTSD sufferers in America. According to the National Center for PTSD, 70-80% of Americans will experience PTSD in their lives. Here we will explore what causes PTSD and the treatment options available to address those concerns.

Causes Of PTSD

As the name implies, post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by trauma. This may include:

  • A car accident
  • Combat
  • A natural disaster
  • A life-altering experience, such as sudden job loss or a spouse passing away
  • Sexual assault
  • Near-death experience
  • Severe injury

This list is only the start. Every person has a unique definition of trauma. If two people are exposed to the same potentially traumatic event, there may only be one who experiences PTSD. They could both have PTSD or neither of them may develop it. That is why many people live with PTSD for years before getting counseling because they do not realize they have it to begin with.

Signs Of PTSD

PTSD symptoms range from one person to the next. This is largely based on the type of trauma someone experienced. A person who has PTSD from combat may get anxiety or flashbacks when they hear fireworks because they sound like gunfire. A person with PTSD from a car accident may have a panic attack in heavy traffic.

In most cases, PTSD involves a trigger and a reaction. Something sparks a memory or feeling from a traumatic time, and the person involved reacts in some way. The reaction may include:

  • Nightmares
  • Sudden bursts of emotions (crying spells, panic, depression, etc.)
  • A need to get away from the place or event
  • Feeling numb
  • Going into a daydream-like state
  • Momentary loss of memory
  • Feeling like you’re in a different place or time

Getting Help For PTSD

With PTSD therapy, you can identify triggers and control your reactions to those triggers moving forward. Your therapist will help you figure out exactly what’s causing your PTSD symptoms and find effective ways to avoid or confront them as time progresses. Some patients may benefit from taking medication in addition to therapy. Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Michigan to learn more about PTSD therapy and how it may help you.

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