Is Group Counseling Right For Me?

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Group Counseling

Is Group Counseling Right For Me?

Group counseling is exactly what it sounds like – a group of people getting together to counsel one another or to work with a counselor on a common problem. Probably the most well-known example of this is Alcoholics Anonymous, but there are plenty of other groups on a local and national level. No matter what kind of counseling you need, you could potentially benefit from group counseling. You just have to assess the pros and cons and decide what fits your life the best.

Is group counseling right for me? Let’s find out.

The Pros Of Group Counseling

Some of the reasons why people love group counseling include:

  • Having a built-in support system of people just like you.
  • Learning from other people’s experiences in similar situations.
  • Seeing success stories come to life and gaining motivation from that.
  • Feeling less pressure to talk about your experiences from the start.
  • Building lifelong relationships with people who truly understand you.

Group counseling provides a place for you to connect with other people in the community who are facing similar problems in life. That support system could be a driving force in your success if you work well in a group setting.

The Cons Of Group Counseling

While there are a number of positives that come with group counseling, there are also a number of downsides. Some of these include:

  • Having to speak in front of other people about personal struggles.
  • Limited one-on-one time with a counselor.
  • Time constraints for storytelling and advice.
  • Being in a group of people you do not agree with or do not like.
  • The fear of talking to a large group of people.

Not every person is going to work well in group counseling, especially if they are facing deep-seeded issues that have been lurking inside for years. Anxiety sufferers in particular tend to stay away from group counseling because the idea of trusting and speaking in front of others is more overwhelming than the help they might receive. You have to determine if this is a good setup for you.

How To Find A Counseling Group In Your Area

Talk to your therapist about group counseling to see if there are any existing groups in your area. If not, you may put a simple ad online to see if other people may want to form a group with you. There are others out there facing the same struggles that you are going through. You just have to put forth a little effort to find them. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised once you do.

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