Top 10 Feel-Better New Year’s Resolutions: Part 1

by | Oct 6, 2020 | All, Self Esteem

Top 10 Feel-Better New Year’s Resolutions: Part 1It’s a new year and a new opportunity to start feeling better about yourself once again. While most people spend the month of January finding ways to lose weight and cut back on smoking, you could spend it rebuilding your confidence and finding your inner happiness. Here are the top 10 feel-better New Year’s resolutions that you can work into your fresh start for 2015.

1 – Compliment Yourself Every Single Day

If you’re suffering from depression and a lack of self-confidence, make a commitment to compliment yourself in the mirror at least once a day. Find something that you love about yourself, even if it’s as simple as the color of your hair or the softness of your skin. Tell yourself how amazing you are every day, and eventually, you’ll start to take those compliments to heart.

2 – Watch A Happy Movie Once A Week

Another great way to boost your spirits in the new year is to watch a movie that makes you laugh, smile, or even cry tears of joy. Some people don’t like watching happy movies because it makes them see their own lives in a negative light. Don’t think that way. See how happy the people are in the movie and try to mimic their spunk in your own life. You’ll find that smiling can be pretty contagious if you do it enough.

3 – Tell A Big Secret To Someone You Trust

Feel like there is a big secret harboring inside that you need to let out? This is the year to do it. Talk to someone you trust – friend, family member, counselor, etc. – and vent something you are tired of keeping in. Don’t be afraid of the consequences. Chances are they won’t be as bad as you think they’ll be. In the end, you’ll feel better just by having this weight off your shoulder.

4 – Make At Least One New Friend Every Month

Sometimes all you need to feel better is a good support system. Try to make a new friend every month so you have other people to talk to when you’re down. It would be best to befriend happy, upbeat people who make you feel good about yourself. If you have anxiety about meeting people in person, join an online community for something you’re passionate about. You’ll likely find a lot of other people just like you looking for companionship.

5 – Learn To Make Yourself Laugh

You can’t help but feel good when you have something to laugh about. This could be a funny TV show, a comic strip, silly YouTube videos, or anything else along those lines. Another strange but interesting trick to try is saying “beep boop” repeatedly until you laugh. Try it. It may only take one or two rounds before you will naturally start laughing. The repeated motions in your mouth encourage this, and you don’t have to work hard at all to make it happen!

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