Michigan Grief Counseling: Coping Tips For Grieving Spouses – Part 2

by | Oct 7, 2020 | All, Grief Counseling

Michigan Grief Counseling: Coping Tips For Grieving Spouses – Part 2Continued from Part 1

Get As Much Rest As Possible

Sleeping at night may be a struggle for a while. Combined with the passing stress of each day, you may find yourself feeling fatigued and drained. Try to get as much rest as possible to give your body, mind, and spirit time to heal. Solid, consistent sleep at night will give you the best chance at sorting through your thoughts throughout the day.

Lighten Your Schedule

You may not be able to do as much right away as you’re used to doing. Simple tasks around the house or at work may feel overwhelming, especially if you are fatigued. Lighten your schedule and reduce your responsibilities where possible. Talk to your employer about taking personal time off to grieve and heal. Don’t worry about meticulous household chores. Just focus on your mind. In time, you will be able to get back to your normal activities.

Take Time To Sort Through Your Spouse’s Belongings

Do not feel pressured to go through your spouse’s personal belongings right away. This is something you can do at your own pace in your own time. If it makes you feel better to go through things and reflect on good memories, do so as part of your therapy. If it makes you feel overwhelmed with emotion, you may need more time to heal before you can sort and organize. You will regain your energy and you will have the strength to get through this. Trust in your instincts and the details will take care of themselves.

Talk About Your Feelings, Even If You Don’t Understand Them

In the first part of our discussion, we talked about the range of emotions you may experience during the grieving process. Some of these, like anger and regret, may seem unexpected or “wrong” but they are completely normal. Talk to your grief counselor and members of your support system about the different emotions you are facing. This will help you process your thoughts and discover the root causes of your feelings. Your grief counselor in Michigan can help you understand these thoughts and find healthy ways to get through them.

Take Comfort In Faith

If you follow a certain religion, you may find comfort in your faith. Here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers, we offer Christian grief counseling to help people heal with the Word of God. You may feel angry at God for taking your spouse. Once again, this is normal. By expressing your grief and exploring your emotions, you can reach a place of spiritual healing and happiness.

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