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The caring staff of Perspectives Addiction Services is dedicated to providing quality, confidential treatment to you and your family. The road to recovery is not always easy, but you need not walk alone. Offering hope for those with Addictions And Dedicated to rebuilding lives and families

Services offered include: Individual Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, Couples Counseling

For the following areas:

Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction Services include both chemical and behavioral addictions. Addictions present themselves in numerous ways and lead to serious impacts on individuals and their families. The dual-focused program encompasses a total of twelve (12) areas of addiction.

The first line of service in the program is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the addiction. More specialized evaluations are performed for individuals seeking to regain driver’s license privileges or those referred by the Department of Transportation.

Once addiction recovery beings, Perspective’s specializes in treating not only the individual who is diagnosed with the addiction but also the family members. Through the individual, group, and family therapy, information about the addiction course, and the prognosis is provided. Clients are assisted in the identification of triggers and patterns of use, followed by the development of alternative behaviors, coping skills, and a relapse prevention plan. A referral to a 12 step-based self-help group is strongly encouraged for all clients unless contraindicated. Each client is assisted in the establishment of a healthy support system to maintain the goal of abstinence from their addiction.

If the client has both an addiction problem and another mental health problem, the primary presenting problem (i.e. use of a mood-altering substance) is addressed first. Mental health issues become the secondary problem to be addressed once the addiction is managed unless behavioral addiction has manifested itself due to a mental health diagnosis. The expected minimal service outcome is that the client receives information, treatment, and support to maintain abstinence, possess the skills to implement a relapse prevention plan, and to maximize his/her human resources.

Substance Abuse and Dependency Evaluation

Perspectives offer substance abuse evaluations by individuals who have been specifically trained and credentialed with our agency to provide this service. The evaluation is designed to be a comprehensive assessment concerning the individual’s use, abuse, and/or dependency on a substance. The evaluation closely examines a person’s history of using substances and current involvement. Prior areas of addiction recovery are questioned and an assessment on the success of the prior treatment is obtained, including involvement in self-help strategies. The evaluation allows the examiner to make appropriate recommendations. Recommendations may include one or more of the following: detoxification, residential, inpatient, outpatient counseling, and psychoeducation.

The evaluation is designed to serve as an official substance abuse evaluation that made requested by school districts, area courts, EAP’s and various employment settings, family members, and by other therapists in the community and within our own addiction recovery program. The examining therapist then provides results and specific recommendations in a client-centered approach for each client. If the client is resistant to follow the recommendations, the issue is addressed in a therapeutic manner that is designed to help the client arrive at a point of compliance. However, is resistance persists; termination for lack of motivation and treatment compliance is an option of the treating therapist.

Secretary of State Driver’s License Evaluation

Perspectives offer substance abuse evaluations for individuals attempting to have driving privileges restored following suspension or revocation for substance-related offenses. A report is prepared in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Secretary of State, Driver’s License Appeals Division. Insurance does not cover this service. The fee for service must be paid in cash or credit card before the service is rendered.


Certified Department of Transportation (D.O.T.)

This service is designed for employees of the Department of Transportation that have violated or believed to have, D.O.T rules regarding the use of substances. Therapists providing this service have had specialized training and have been certified by the D.O.T. Employees required to undergo assessment and/or addiction recovery are required to complete all recommendations before a return to duty can occur. The function of the therapist is to protect the public interest in safety by professionally evaluating the employee. After evaluation, education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare are outlined and planned. The therapist then provides the necessary referrals that will assist the employee in the completion of all designated requirements. A face-to-face follow-up evaluation is required to determine that the employee has successfully complied with all recommendations and has made appropriate clinical progress. This service requires the individual to pay the entire fee for the evaluation prior to services being rendered. Payment must be made with cash or a credit card.


Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.