Counseling For Sexual Dysfunctions

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Counseling For Sexual DysfunctionsCounseling For Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunction is not a topic easily discussed. The individuals facing problems in their sex life often stay close-mouthed and are unwilling to discuss it with their family or doctor. This results in a loss of time and the issue is kept under wraps for months and even years.

Sex-related problems are common enough and can occur due to physical as well as psychological reasons. Finding a therapist is imperative when the problem is in the mind and affects the sex life of the affected individual.

Sex therapy has developed considerably in recent years and has been found to be highly effective for resolving various types of sexual dysfunctions. Both male and female partners can be plagued with sexual issues and counseling can help to bring the problem out onto the surface.

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

In Males

  • Ejaculation issues
  • Erectile Dysfunction

In Females

  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Pain during sex

Sexual dysfunction therapy and sex counseling are often recommended by a registered medical professional once physical causes are ruled out.

Psychosexual Therapy

The aim of the counselor here is to listen to the patient and identify the underlying cause before treating it. Individuals are encouraged to talk openly, without any inhibitions whatsoever during the sessions. They are also asked to talk about their past as an instance of sexual abuse in childhood that may inadvertently cause sexual problems later. Current thoughts, behaviors as well as the relationships of the affected individual might be linked to the sexual problems.

The next step of the treatment is to provide the patient with a solution. The counselor usually discusses the physical aspect of the dysfunction that may occur due to a sex-related misconception. The patient is then encouraged to put two and two together and get rid of the underlying cause themselves. The counselor also formulates a personal program for specific patients and help him/her to get familiar with their own bodies and sexual responses. This can also be a part of couples or relationship counseling.

A relationship counselor is also effective in getting the patient to overcome sexual dysfunction by addressing the communication and conflict issues within the relationship.

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