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Gaming addiction is a prevalent and growing problem in Michigan that is often overlooked. From online video games to PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii consoles – children and adults alike are turning to digital worlds to stay entertained in the modern world. Video game addiction may not seem as threatening as substance abuse or alcoholism, but it can be just as interrupting to a person’s life. Get gaming addiction treatment in Michigan from specialized counselors at Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers.

Work With A Licensed Counselor To Fight The Compulsions Of Gaming Addiction

Video game addicts exemplify many of the same behaviors as drug or alcohol addicts, but their attention is turned to their computers or video game consoles, rather than drinks or drugs. Common signs of gaming addiction include:

  • Excessive Time Playing Video Games Online Or On A Console
  • Socializing Primarily With Gamers, Online Or In Small Social Groups At School Or Work
  • Activities Focused On Gaming Even When The Person Is Not Playing Any Longer
  • Denial Of The Addiction, Even When Playing Games
  • Prioritizing Video Games Over Other Events Or Activities
  • Exhibiting Extreme Behaviors While Playing Video Games
  • Spending Meal Time On The Computer Or Gaming Console, Sometimes Without Eating At All
  • Staying Up All Night Playing Video Games
  • Social Seclusion – Avoiding Real Life In Favor Of Gaming
  • Lying About Time Spent Playing Video Games
  • Getting Up At Night To Check On Or Play Video Games
  • Excessive Spending Related To Video Games
  • Irritability, Depression, Or Anxiety Symptoms When Not Playing Games
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neglecting Personal Hygiene And Household Chores To Play Games
Child Playing Video Games

If you or someone you know is showing signs of video game addiction, contact Perspectives Of Troy at (248) 244-8644 to speak with a counselor about your treatment options in Michigan. We will tailor a treatment plan for your individual needs.

Gaming Addiction Therapy For Children

A recent MacArthur Foundation survey showed that 97% of children have played video games at some point in their lives, with many playing on a daily or semi-daily basis. Half of the participants in that study had played a video game the day before the survey. Upcoming generations are so reliant on technology that the risk of gaming addiction is more prevalent than ever before. With the child counseling services at Perspectives Of Troy, your child can learn how to properly socialize and interact with children at school so he does not develop video game addiction over time. Prevention starts at an early age. Our licensed counseling centers in Michigan are here to help.

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Don’t let gaming addiction take control of your life. Improve your mental health and re-establish your relationships with loved ones through gaming addiction therapy from Perspectives Of Troy. We have two convenient locations in Metro Detroit, Michigan, with easy access to public transportation and ample parking available. Contact us today at (248) 244-8644 to schedule your first appointment with one of our certified gaming addiction counselors. We look forward to working with you.