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If you are overwhelmed with the clutter and disorder in your home, you may suffer from hoarding addiction. Over time, this condition will reduce your quality of life and isolate you from friends and family members. With confidential counseling services from Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Michigan, you will discover the root of your hoarding addiction and ways to improve your life moving forward. Reduce your stress, feel better, and enjoy a more fulfilled life by setting up an appointment with our fully-licensed counselors. Contact (248) 244-8644 to learn more about our hoarding therapy and other treatment options.

The Severity Of Hoarding Addiction In Michigan And Across The Nation

Hoarding addiction is a widespread concern in Michigan and throughout the United States, now more so than ever. If you or someone you know is a hoarder, know that you are not alone. Consider these hoarding statistics from the International OCD Foundation:

    • 75% Of Hoarders Suffer From Shopping Addiction And Other Forms Of Excessive Buying
    • 50% Of Addictive Hoarders Grow Up With At Least One Hoarding Family Member
    • Up To 5% Of The World’s Population Displays Some Form Of Clinical Hoarding
    • 18-40% Of OCD Patients Experience Symptoms Of Hoarding
    • Only 15% Of Hoarders Believe Their Behavior Is Irrational

    The definitive causes of hoarding addiction are still unknown, but most experts agree that genetics, evolution, and family environment play roles in the development of this condition. By taking action early on, you can fight symptoms of hoarding addiction and take control of your life once again. Call Perspectives Of Troy at (248) 244-8644 to schedule a consultation with one of our hoarding counselors.

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50-70% Of Hoarders Respond Positively To Hoarding Addiction Therapy | Our Michigan Counseling Centers Are Here To Help

Recent studies show that 50-70% of compulsive hoarders respond positively to counseling and addiction therapy. However, many hoarders do not seek out the treatment they need. If someone you know suffers from hoarding addiction, Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers are here to help them conquer their compulsions. We have more than 40 therapists in our counseling centers in Michigan, and each of them specializes in a specific addiction or mental condition that they treat. Take advantage of customized treatments tailor-fit to your loved one’s personality, lifestyle, and overall needs.

Carefully Selected Counselors And Therapists For Your Specific Needs And Goals

Our hoarding addiction therapists work solely with people just like you on a daily basis. They understand the true complexities of compulsive hoarding and the influence it has on your life. You may go through psychological testing to assess the full extent of your condition and learn about other problems you may be facing at this time. Together, you will work with your counselor to come up with a treatment plan specifically fit for your needs and goals. Our services are completely confidential, and we offer flexible hours at our Michigan counseling centers to meet your busy schedule. Take advantage of our counseling services by calling (248) 244-8644 to learn more.


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