Learn More AboutPsychological Testing In Michigan

When you need psychological testing, Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers are here to help in your diagnosis. With more than 40 licensed counselors in two convenient locations in Michigan, we are sure to have a specialist available to address your specific needs. Our therapists work solely with a specific group of clients to provide the most accurate and helpful treatment possible. Get a thorough analysis from a clinical specialist for a job, a court case, a personal struggle, or any other situation you may be facing.

Reasons To Get Psychological Testing In Michigan

There are many reasons why you may require psychological testing in Michigan. Some of the most common reasons we see in our counseling center include:

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  • Personality Changes That You Cannot Explain (Bipolar DisorderGambling Addiction, Etc.)
  • Sudden Changes In Life That Become Overwhelming Or Difficult To Handle (Grief CounselingDivorce Counseling, Etc.)
  • Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluation
  • Expressed Concern From A Friend Or Family Member
  • Career Testing For A Job Application Or Future Career Planning
  • Special Education Assessment For Children Who May Need Extra Help In School
  • Signs Of DepressionAnxietyHoarding Addiction, And Other Mental Health Conditions

Whether you request psychological testing or you are required to get it for work or trial, Perspectives Of Troy has expert counselors available to assess the state of your mental health.

What To Expect From Psychological Testing In Michigan

Every psychological test is a little different, depending on the symptoms you are showing and the type of addiction or mental health condition you suffer from. Most types of clinical assessments start with a brief consultation, where you meet up with your counselor to discuss your concerns and the purpose of your evaluation. At that time, you may jump straight into the test, or you may schedule a time for assessment.

During your psychological testing, you will complete an in-depth interview in a one-on-one setting with your therapist. Your counselor will analyze your behavior, body language, reactions, and responses to strategic questions to determine how serious your condition may be – or to determine if you have a condition at all.

Tools Used For Michigan Psychological Testing

In addition to the interview, your mental assessment may include:

  • Achievement Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Adaptive Functioning Tests
  • Intelligence Tests

These tools will help your counselor identify symptoms and expressions associated with your condition to form the best treatment plan for you.

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Get Psychological Testing From The Only Counseling Center In Metro Detroit, Michigan With Over 40 Therapists And Two On-Staff Psychiatrists

If you need a psychological evaluation, our Michigan counseling centers are here to assist you. Contact Perspectives Of Troy at (248) 244-8644 to schedule a consultation with one of the 40+ therapists and on-staff psychiatrists we have available. We operate from two conveniently-located counseling centers in Metro Detroit, and we serve people just like you throughout the state of Michigan. Gain a better understanding of how your mind works through psychological testing at Perspectives Of Troy.


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