Learn More AboutIndividual And Group Bullying Treatment In Michigan

Bullying impacts everyone involved: the Bully, the Victim, and the Bystander. No matter where you fit into the scenario, your life may be changed by the abusive behavior associated with bullying. Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Michigan provide specialized bullying therapy in a safe, confidential environment. Whether you need anger management counselingdepression treatment, or a simple self-esteem boost, we have a program to fit your needs.

Personalized Bullying Counseling For Victims, Bullies, And Bystanders

There are three different groups of people affected by bullying abuse – the person bullied, the person who does the bullying, and the person who witnesses the act or knows it is happening. In a typical school bullying scenario, the bully may be an older child picking on a younger, smaller child. The teachers, parents, and peers would be the bystanders in this setup.

At Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Michigan, we believe in providing custom therapy solutions for different groups of people affected by bullying. Contact us at (248) 244-8644 to find out which therapy program is right for you.

Types Of Bullying Therapy

  • 6-12 Individual SessionsWith A Professional Bullying Therapist
  • 2-4 Family Sessions For Parents And Guardians
  • Optional Parenting The Out-of-Control Child/Teen Workshop
  • 8 Week Group Therapy Program – Options Include Social Skills BuildingTeen EDGE, Self-Control/Anger and Self-Esteem Workshops
  • 1 Day Stress Busters Workshop

NOTE: Bullying can happen at ANY AGE. If you are an adult who has been bullied by a peer, coworker, spouse, or family member, do not hesitate to reach out for help.

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Bullying Is Not Always Physical

Bullying does not always involve a physical act. In fact, most types of bullying happen on an emotional level. Bullying is any aggressive or abusive behavior repeated over a course of time, where an imbalance of power puts they bully in a superior position over the victim. Common forms of bullying include:

  • Physical Abuse Or Social Aggression
  • Verbal Aggression Or Emotional Abuse
  • Physical, Verbal, Or Mental Intimidation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Internet Or Cyber-Bullying
  • Racism Or Ethnic Harassment

No matter what kind of bullying you have experienced, Perspectives Of Troy offers a solution for you. Our bullying counseling and therapy programs are designed to help you overcome your anger, pain, frustration, or confusion so you can enjoy a better quality of life. Give us a call to find out more about our individual and group bullying therapy programs.


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