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Unfortunately, 40-50% of first marriages in America ending in divorce, and 60% of second marriages meet the same fate. There are a number of causes of divorce, from financial stress to infidelity to a lack of communication. Whatever struggles you may be going through in your marriage, you can learn to overcome them and move forward as a couple. Through professional marriage counseling, you can learn how to communicate with your spouse in a productive manner and gain valuable skills to use in the future. Contact us in Macomb County at (248) 244-8644, and we will match you with the best marriage counselor to suit your needs.

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Divorce Prevention, Premarital Counseling, And Other Marriage Counseling Programs

Every stage of a marriage comes with its own difficulties. That is why we offer several different marriage counseling programs, designed to fit your exact needs as a couple. All of our counselors and therapists are specialists in their fields, which means all they do is work with couples facing the same struggles you are going through. With their expertise, you can discover what it takes to enhance your marriage and improve your bond as a couple. Some of our most popular family and marriage counseling services include:

  • Divorce Prevention And Infidelity Counseling To Help You Through Life’s Toughest Obstacles
  • Premarital Counseling For Couples Preparing For Marriage And A Life Together In Happiness
  • Family And Marriage Counseling, Including Programs For Multicultural And Blended Families
  • Intimacy Counseling To Help You Connect With Your Spouse On A Deeper Level
  • Anger Management Therapy For Couples Dealing With Domestic Violence And Spousal Abuse
  • Relationship Addiction Therapy For Couples Struggling To Establish Healthy Boundaries In Their Relationship
  • Christian Counseling, Using The Word Of God To Strengthen Your Marital Bond

Improve Your Communication Skills And Learn How To Work Through Problems Together As A Couple

Proper communication is the key to a successful marriage. By learning how to work through problems together, you and your spouse can overcome stress, childbirth, illness, relocation, and any other issues that may come your way. If you already communicate well with your spouse, you can learn preventative tactics to avoid problems in the future. We’re here to make your marriage the best it can possibly be. Your happiness is our ultimate goal.


Transitioning From High School to College - Teen Group
Join us beginning July 18 for a 6-week in-person group for teens focusing on providing them the necessary tools to succeed in college. Thursday afternoons from 2:00-3:00pm.