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On average, nearly 3 million teens age 12 to 17 receive counseling or therapy every year, according to statistics from the American Counseling Association. Whether your child struggles with depression, anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, personal identity issues, or anything else along those lines, we have teen counselors and therapists on hand to guide your teen through this transitional time in his or her life. Our compassionate professionals will listen to your teen and come up with the best plan for him or her to move forward to a better state of mental health and behavioral development. We care about your child’s well-being, and we will do our best to help him or her succeed.

Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers at (248) 244-8644 to learn more about our teen counseling programs near Shelby Township, MI.

Get Paired With A Specialized Teen Counselor For Your Child’s Unique Needs

With more than 30 counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists on staff, we have specialists to handle nearly every struggle your teen may experience in his or her life. Some common areas of focus for teen counseling include:

  • Depression And Anxiety
  • Teen Substance Abuse
  • Binge Drinking And Alcohol Abuse
  • Peer Pressure
  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Emotional, Sexual And Physical Abuse
  • Family Conflicts
  • Grief And Loss
  • Rage And Violence
  • Sexual Identity Struggles
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Low Self-Esteem And Self-Injury
  • Personal Phobias
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When you contact our counseling centers in Macomb County near Shelby Township, MI, you will get matched with a counselor or therapist that specializes in your child’s unique needs. That way, you are guaranteed to get the most fitting help possible to get your teen through this difficult time.

Our Teen Counseling Centers Are Highly Recommended By Local Schools, Churches, And Doctors

As one of the largest teen counseling centers in Michigan, our services come highly recommended by area schools, churches, doctors, and healthcare facilities. We receive referrals on a daily basis from prominent organizations near Shelby Township, MI, including Beaumont Hospital, Shelby Township Schools, Clarkston Schools, Troy School District, Utica Schools, Rochester Hills Schools, Northville Schools, Warren Consolidated Schools, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Focus On The Family, Blue Care Network, and more. Our commitment to quality patient care has allowed us to help countless teens in the area since 1985. We would love to work with your child to get him or her the help he or she needs.


Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.

On April 23rd, our current electronic health system will transition to a new and advanced system to better serve you: Athena. Prior to the transition date, you will be sent a registration link to create a new patient account in Athena. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your therapist, or call our office to speak to a staff member.