Learn More about OurConfidential Sex Therapy In Macomb County, MI

Intimacy plays a key role in the overall success of a marriage. Whether you’re suffering from a lack of arousal or a physical disorder, sexual dysfunctions can create tremendous strain in a relationship. The good news is that most sexual difficulties can be conquered with the help of professional sex therapy. Here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Macomb County, MI, our experienced sex therapist works with couples to decipher why they are struggling with their sex life and what they can do to improve these issues in the future. Get the specialized care you need to improve your marriage and create a lasting bond with your spouse.

Identify The Root Causes Of Sexual Struggles And Conquer Them Through Proven Sex Therapy

In order to overcome your sexual difficulties, you must first determine what is causing them. Your sex therapist will conduct an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in your marriage to determine what may be hindering your intimacy. From there, you and your spouse can work on ways to overcome your sexual difficulties so you can move forward to a better quality of life. Some of the benefits of our confidential sex therapy include:

  • Strengthen Your Marital Bond And Improve All Aspects Of Your Intimacy
  • Learn How To Communicate Effectively So Your Voice Can Be Heard
  • Work Through Physical And Emotional Difficulties In A Safe, Confidential Environment
  • Understand How Your Spouse Truly Feels So You Can Find The Perfect Solutions For Your Sexual Struggles
  • Discover The Root Causes Of Sexual Frustrations And Learn Proven Ways To Overcome Them
  • Improve Your Self-Confidence And Enhance Your Connection With Your Spouse
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Couples Counseling To Help You Rebuild Trust After Infidelity And Overcome The Biggest Obstacles In Your Marriage

A staggering 57% of men and 54% of women have admitted to committing infidelity in a past or current relationship. Oftentimes extramarital affairs are sparked by a more serious problem in the relationship, like low self-esteem, an imbalance of stress/responsibility, sexual difficulties, or persistent arguing. Despite the strain infidelity puts on a relationship, the fact is that you can have a happy, healthy marriage after an affair. With the help of our sex therapist and couples counselors in Macomb County, MI, you and your spouse can rebuild trust with one another and identify the events that caused the affair in the first place. We want you and your spouse to enjoy a lifetime of joy with one another, and we will provide you with the tools to do just that.


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