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Perspectives Counseling Centers offers family counseling, teen counseling and child counseling in Plymouth MI. We have specialists for every age group, so your child will receive top-quality mental healthcare. Our personalized child therapy programs ensure that each child gets advice and guidance specifically for his/her needs. To learn more about child counseling in Plymouth in Wayne County Michigan, contact us at (248) 688-9071.

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What Are the Goals of Child Counseling?

The goals of child counseling vary for each child. Your child may behave unexplained behavioral problems, or he may have gone through a traumatic event. Your child’s therapist will find the underlying causes of behavioral and emotional struggles, and your child will learn how to communicate his or her feelings. The process is completely customized for your family.

Some of the goals of child counseling may include:

  • Find the True Cause of Academic Struggles and Behavioral Issues
  • Determine If a Child Has a Learning Disability, ADHD, Childhood Depression, Autism, Or Other Conditions
  • Find Personalized Solutions to Treat Those Issues, after a Confirmed Diagnosis through Psychological Testing
  • Resolve Family Conflicts and Improve Household Dynamics
  • Teach a Child How to Express His or Her Emotions in an Effective Manner
  • Help Parents Understand Their Child’s Feelings and Frustrations
  • Boost a Child’s Confidence and Prevent Self-Harm

Our child counseling services in Plymouth MI come highly recommended by local schools and families. We are proud to serve this community, and we look forward to working with your family. Give us a call at (248) 688-9071 to schedule an appointment with a child therapist.

Personalized Child Counseling for Each Child’s Unique Needs

Every child is unique. Your child’s personality, experiences and lifestyle dictate which therapy solutions work best for him or her. That is why we use individualized counseling solutions. Your child will never be put through a cookie-cutter regimen. We value diversity and we celebrate the special traits that set your child apart from the rest. Our child counseling programs are adjusted to fit your young one.

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