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Eating disorders are commonly associated with young women, but they can affect any age or gender. At our Plymouth, MI counseling center, we provide eating disorder treatment for clients from all walks of life. Teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, seniors – male or female. If your eating disorder is starting to take control of your life, it’s time to take the reins back. You can do that through eating disorder treatment. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and we will match you with the best counselor for your needs.

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Effective Eating Disorder Treatment with Long-Term Results

Eating disorder treatment is not a fad diet. It’s not a temporary solution to a longstanding problem. Instead, eating disorder therapy is designed to retrain your brain’s perception of food, exercise, and body image. This is how you prevent the eating disorder from coming back in the future. You learn how to adjust your thinking for a more positive lifestyle as a whole. Along the way, you will…

  • Get to the Root of Your Eating Disorder – What Caused It in the First Place?
  • Overcome Body Dysmorphia, Depression, Addiction, and Other Elements of Eating Disorders
  • Work with a Specialist in Anorexia Treatment, Bulimia Treatment, Body Dysmorphia Treatment, Food Addiction Treatment, Exercise Addiction Treatment, Chronic Dieting Treatment, Binge Eating Disorder Treatment and More
  • Identify Triggers for Your Eating Disorder and Learn How to Cope with Them
  • Increase Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Create Healthy Goals for Your Body and Lifestyle (Your Therapist Can Work with Your Nutritionist)
  • Learn How Negative Thinking Patterns Affect Eating Disorders and Find Ways to Prevent Them

If you’re interested in eating disorder treatment in Plymouth, MI, contact Perspectives Counseling Centers. We work with most insurance companies, and we treat our clients like family. Contact us at your convenience, and our friendly office staff will gladly assist you.

Additional Counseling Services to Supplement Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are typically accompanied by other conditions, like depression, addiction, or anxiety. In fact, many of the clients in our eating disorder treatment programs come to us for other issues. They do not realize they have an eating disorder until they speak with a therapist. We have specialists in many areas of mental health at our Wayne County offices, so you can get counseling to supplement your eating disorder therapy. To learn more about the services we have available, give us a call or stop by our office.

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