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With a strong married population in this community, the need for quality couples counseling is on the rise. At Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Wayne County, we offer compassionate, confidential couples counseling to help you overcome obstacles in your relationship. Whether you are preparing for marriage or fighting to avoid divorce, our couple’s counselors and therapists are here to help you keep your relationship going strong.

To learn about our couples counseling programs or to schedule an appointment with a couples counselor near you, contact our offices near Northville, MI at (248) 244-8644.

Specialized Couples Counseling Programs For Every Stage Of Your Relationship

Here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers, we have over 30 counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists on staff to help you through your relationship struggles. Each of our counselors specialize in an area of relationship development, so we will pair you with the perfect professional to address your specific needs. Some of the most common couples counseling programs we offer include:

Young Couple
  • Premarital Counseling For Couples Planning To Get Married
  • Divorce Prevention For Married Couples At Risk Of Permanent Separation
  • Family Counseling And Therapy For Couples With Children Or Live-In Parents
  • Christian Counseling For Couples Who Want To Build Their Love Through Faith
  • Domestic Violence Prevention And Therapy
  • Relationship Addiction Therapy For Couples That Need To Establish Healthy Boundaries In Their Relationships

Share Your Feelings In An Open, Honest Environment And Learn How Your Spouse Really Feels

Strong communication is the cornerstone to a successful relationship. With our couples counseling programs, you can learn new ways to communicate with your significant other. You will get the chance to speak out and let your voice be heard while simultaneously learning about your spouse’s feelings and emotions. Your family and marriage counselor will guide you through the process so you can both gain a new respect for how the other person feels in the relationship.

Whether you want to save your marriage from divorce or you simply want to set your relationship on the right track, the caring and compassionate couples counselors here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers are here to assist you.

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