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Couples counseling is designed to improve a couple’s communication skills so they can overcome obstacles in their relationship. Stress, low self-esteem, cheating, grief, jealousy, job loss – these are all potential sources of conflict in a relationship. With the help of our couples counseling programs in Livonia, MI, and Wayne County, you can learn how to overcome the toughest challenges in your marriage and move forward together in happiness. Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Livonia, MI to get matched with a couples counselor near you.

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Speak Out In A Confidential Environment

All of our couples counseling services are confidential, so you can openly speak out about issues in your relationship. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to get perspective from an unbiased third party. Your couples counselor in Livonia, MI can listen to both sides of the story and come up with a reasonable solution that works for both of you.

We offer specialized couples counseling sessions for different situations, including:

  • Premarital Counseling To Help Couples Before They Get Married
  • Family And Marriage Counseling For Couples That Are Married But Currently Facing Struggles
  • Divorce Prevention Services For Couples Who May Be Close To Ending Their Relationships
  • Christian Counseling Programs For Couples Who Would Like To Strengthen Their Relationship Through The Word Of God
  • Codependency Counseling To Set Up Healthy Boundaries In A Relationship
  • Individual Counseling Programs To Supplement The Work Done In Couples Counseling, Including Anger Management Therapy, Anxiety Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Depression Therapy, And More

When you contact our couples counseling center in Livonia, MI, we will pair you with the counselor who best fits your need. You will get expert advice from a compassionate, experienced therapist who truly cares about your well-being. Give us a call to set up your first appointment.

What Can We Learn In Couples Counseling?

People benefit from couples counseling in different ways. Your couples counselor will work with you on conflict resolution, communication, personal boundaries, stress management, anger management, self-esteem building, and anything else you need. Most importantly, the counselor will identify the root cause of your problems so you can overcome them and move forward. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or what the current status of your relationship is. One of our couples counseling experts in Livonia, MI would be happy to assist you.

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