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Confidential couples counseling that truly works. That’s what we have to offer at our Clarkston, MI therapist office. We have specialists in many areas of couples counseling, from premarital counseling to divorce prevention. We will match you with the best couples therapist for your unique needs, and you can obtain professional insight to overcome obstacles in your relationship. Some of our most popular couples therapy programs include:

  • Premarital Counseling to Set Your Marriage up for Success
  • Divorce Prevention Counseling Using Proven Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Family and Marriage Counseling for Every Milestone
  • Couples Counseling after Infidelity
  • Christian Couples Counseling That Incorporates the Word of God

To schedule an appointment with a couples therapist in Clarkston, MI, call Perspectives Counseling Centers in Oakland County at (248) 688-9021. All appointments are completely confidential.

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Better Communication for a Better Relationship

Having a good flow of communication is important in any relationship. You can resolve conflicts, improve trust, strengthen your bond and express your feelings in an effective and productive manner. We focus on building communication skills as part of our couples counseling programs. Your couples therapist will listen to your individual concerns and help you work through them together. You can carry the skills you learn throughout your relationship, not just in your therapy sessions. We want to enhance your quality of life from every angle. Contact our couples counseling center in Clarkston, MI at (248) 688-9021 to learn more.

Personalized Couples Counseling for Your Lifestyle and Personalities

No two couples are alike. Your individual personalities and your interactions with one another determine how your relationship works. At Perspectives Counseling Centers in Clarkston, MI, we don’t believe in generic counseling techniques that ‘work for everyone.’ Instead, we focus on finding counseling strategies that work for you. Learn how to communicate better as a couple and resolve conflicts before they escalate. Your couples therapist will create a custom counseling solution just for you.

We are committed to helping couples succeed, and we can’t wait to work with you. Contact our Clarkston, MI office to learn more about couples counseling.

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We Are Here To Help!

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